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Thread: Distinguising the R2R Forums

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    Distinguising the R2R Forums

    Recently there've been a lot of new members posting Harry Potter related stuff in the Room to Read section of the forum, and if you look at the forum by viewing the index, it doesn't actually specify that it's not for Harry Potter related stuff.

    I was just basically wondering if it could be made clearer that those forums are for something different, or perhaps just lock them seeing as the deadline has gone, so new members don't post in the wrong place.

    Sarah x

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    Sarah -

    An excellent observation which needs to be addressed.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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    With the exception of the forum for the cover design, all R2R forums are no longer visible. As this has lately become a major posting spot for spammers, and the stories are now in the final process of being judged, those threads were basically no longer needed to be seen.

    Nothing has been lost or deleted from them, they are only invisible.
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