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Thread: Quidditch Fics

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    Quidditch Fics

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if there are good Quidditch Fics anywhere, something with excitement and different problems coming up, not just two bludgers to the head over and over again. It doesn't matter where or when. It could be at Hogwarts during the Trio Era, it could be at the Quidditch World Cup in Grindelwald's time.


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    OK, so it's a little bit of self-promotion (but it's not just for me but the rest of my team as well and we've never had any reviews so I don't feel too guilty) but there's a quidditch fic here: Vengeful Antics that was written for the QWC by the Slytherin Team. We won, and so decided to put it up on the archives. It's definitely got a lot of Quidditch in it! Though it's up to you if it you read it as it's not a very common time period.

    I know there are other QWC entries up on the archives. This is another Slytherin one and I know there is a Hufflepuff one somewhere because I've read it - I just can't find it! But I'll have another look. Or possibly ask in the bar as someone will probably remember posting it.

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    This is the Gryffie QWC entry from a couple of years ago! Hope you like it


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    There's rather a lot of Quidditch fics (QWC entries) in Hermione's Corner. If you click on one and read the last one or two posts you'll get the complete story instead of the individual drabbles.

    I can heartily recommend all the Puff entries

    Especially this one and this one and not forgetting this one

    I really should get the Gwenog Jones one we wrote on the archives. It's not in Hermione's corner but I still have it somewhere ...

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    Something else you could try is The Fastest Yet by Racing Co. It's not technically all about Quidditch, but about the founding of the Nimbus Racing Broom Company. It's an interesting read.

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