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In Deathly Hallows, when the trio have been captured and are being held at Malfoy Manor, Harry keeps seeing into Voldy's mind. Old Moldywort is off torturing the location of the Elder Wand out of Grindelwald, who is currently held at Nurmengard (sp?). Nurmengard is, I assume, in a different country- Germany or Bulgaria perhaps.

When Bellatrix presses her Dark Mark to alert her Master to the trio's capture, Old Volders does not immediatly apparate back. I believe it says something about his flying until he is close enough to apparate.
Voldemort had to fly out because Nurmengard had anti-Apparation wards. It wasn't a matter of getting within "range" of the Malfoy Manor, but of getting to the closest area that would allow him to Apparate.

I would agree with Apollonious that there is no actual maximum range for Apparation. The limiting factor would instead be the risk of splinching, which I image would increase with distance and a lack of skill. So though I believe you could Apparate across the Atlantic if you wanted to, you'd have a ludicrously high chance of injuring or killing yourself. Missing your destination would be the least of your worries.

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