Hello Lia! Would you be able to help me with a one-shot? This is the final (probably) one-shot in a series of stories about Draco's Squib sister, Lucy, given up for adoption when she was very young and reunited with the Malfoys when she's nineteen. However, although I think it unlikely, I would like this one-shot to work in its own right, even if you haven't (which, I presume, you haven't) read any stories about her previously. Therefore it's another mainly OC based story- I hope that's all right.

Username: Welshdevondragon/ Alex
Story Title: Day Is Done (a Nick Drake song)
Genre: Post-Hogwarts
Ships: Draco/ Asteria (a bit) OC/OC
Rating and Warnings: Strong profanity, character death and mild sexual situations. I think that's it.
Word Count: I've written most of it, but not typed. I'd guess about 5000 words
One Shot or Chaptered: One-shot.
Summary: (working summary- will definitely change)

Lucy Carter-Malfoy - June 5th 1980 to January 7th 2013.

Lucy, her husband, Daniel Marlowe, and her brother, Draco Malfoy, have to face her death.

Also Lucy dies of AIDS. If that bothers you then feel free to say no to this story- I promise I won't be offended.