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    Liandrin: Limited Availability

    ~Available For One-Shots~

    Username: Liandrin

    Genres: Pretty much everything.

    Ships: I will beta any ship except Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, and James/Lily. My preferences are Draco/Ginny or anything involving Theodore Nott or Gellert Grindelwald.

    Ratings and Warnings: Anything is fine, including slash and femmeslash.

    One-shots or Chaptered: Right now, I only have time to do one-shots. I'm currently beta-ing for three girls (all chaptered stories), as well as writing my own fan fiction. Oh, and working. That thing.

    Turn Around Time: A week.

    Strengths: SPaG, characterisation, plot, syntax, dialogue/attributives, consistency, some British-isms, etcetera. I am comprehensive with my critique; although I won't hold your hand, I will never be rude.

    Weaknesses: Canon. I am not an expert. I look up everything in the HP Lexicon like most people. American colloquialisms. While I am versed in several different styles of SPaG (British, Canadian, Australian/New Zealand, South African, and America), I am still prone to lapses of judgement, especially when it comes to cultural differences in writing. This is why I will never just change your writing but offer suggestions. ^_^

    Style: MSWord (.doc) using Track Changes or Open Office (.odt) using Record Changes. I'll take .rtf files, if you don't have the above, and add comments and make the appropriate changes. I'm flexible.

    Other Information/Qualifications: I have a Masters degree, but not in English Literature. I have written a two-hundred page thesis though. *waves it about* It makes for great kindling. ^_~

    Accreditation: My PI beta profile is under the name Incognito. While I do have a lot of experience beta-ing (one-shots and chaptered), all of this work is on FIA and FFN. If you want an example, just let me know.

    Please use this form when requesting:

    PHP Code:
    B]Story Title:[/B]
    B]Rating and Warnings:[/B]
    B]Word Count:[/B]
    B]One Shot or Chaptered:[/B]
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