Help me out here. I've just started a fic that I'm really excited about, but then this bunny hopped into my mind, so if I don't put it up for adoption now I don't know what I'll do!

Characters involved: Twins and Verity -the girl who helps in their shop
Mood of plot bunny: Romance/humour
Plot line: Verity is their clumsy shop assistant who is either not good at magic, a squib or even a muggle posing as a witch. She is hiding this from the twins in an attempt to keep her job. She enjoys it.

I just had a vision of a short piece, longer than a oneshot, but not a massive feature length piece, of her causing mahem for the twins with her accidents, whether it's accidentally breaking up their dates due to her knocking a shelving of products onto them, or managing to spill colour changing charms onto their hair. She causes a riot when the inspectors come to the shop and is basically a liablility to the shop... but for some reason the twins keep her. I was thinking one twin is smitten, but won't act, while the other is frustrated with her and can't understand why the other twin keeps making excuses to let her stay.

I'd like the story to lead through to their eventually realisation about her lack of magic, and through to her meeting Molly. I see that experiance as her trying to please and be overly helpful, (a little like Tonks) and a situation where Molly sends her to the other end of the kitchen and has her counting peanuts, claiming it to an extreamly important job.

Other details: I think I'd like to see it written in first person. That was the vision I got to start with, because it would need a lot of attention to her to make her real. I don't want her paticulary pretty either. I was thinking of one of those romances where the other characters quirks just winds up endearing the other to them.

I'm not saying that this is how she should look, it's more of a suggestion on what I was thinking. I don't want her to be some perfect godess styled woman, with a slight flaw that is put in to make her not a mary-sue.

My vision of Verity: very curly black hair, around 5'6 height- so average- big, blue googly eyes, a couple spots, fashion sense that needs help according to the wizarding world- think wizard dressing as muggle but in reverse. I'd say quite large breasts, but in a way that she isn't that comfortable with them, and no real hips to speak of. (ever noticed that a lot of people either get one or the other?) She's not fat, but not thin, around an english size 12, -runs off to do research- that's an American size 8.

-- if you're wondering in my head she looks odd. Like, you wouldn't call her ugly, but you wouldn't go, 'she's hot' you might say, 'well, she's differant.'