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Thread: Ron Weasley fic, any time, any rating.

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    Ron Weasley fic, any time, any rating.

    Hi everyone! I'm writing a little something and I'm having trouble characterizing Ron, whose POV I've never actually written directly from before. I can do Hermione just fine, but Ron...

    I thought reading other examples would help me a bit. So I was wondering if anyone knows some good fics that characterize Ron extremely well and accurately, whether it actually be from his POV or not. Much appreciated!

    Hayden de Hayden!

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    Hey there, Hayden. Here are two pieces that are kind of reflective, and that characterize Ron very accurately (imo).

    Weeks and Weeks by Ravensgryff

    The Dawn by Amanda/ahattab33

    Interestingly, both are interpretations of the same missing moment from Deathly Hallows. The first is about three chapters if I remember correctly; the second is a one-shot.

    If it isn't obvious, I am obsessed with Deathly Hallows Ron. He's awesome.

    Happy writing!

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    I think On Any Day by MagEd is a story in which Ron is characterized well. It shows how Ron would act while with Hermione.
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    Thanks, everyone! Those fics were awesome and they helped a lot! Dear ole Ron... We love him. do the mods kill the thread or something? I've gotten all I need.


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