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    Getting to School

    Going off of Vigil's thread, I have some ponderings of my own when it comes to getting childre to a magical school.

    We know Hogwarts children take the train, and in GoF, we saw Beauxbatons with flying carriages and Durmstrang with their ship. Granted, we don't know if these are the ways they bring their students to their schools at the beginning of the year, but it does offer some insight.

    What are some other ways that other wizarding schools around the world could transport their students to and from the academies?

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    In one of my favorite stories, Marissa and the Wizards, the students are taken to school by a flying train (carried by giant non-popping bubbles), because she reasoned that wizards would be enlightened enough to not want to tear down trees in the rainforest to make railroad tracks. I always though this was very Rowling-esk of the writer, and I suppose this is what I'm looking for.

    Does anyone else have any ideas for ways to get large numbers of students to whatever school they go to?

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    Are you looking for more interesting or more mundane options?

    I just finished what is posted of Inverarity's Alexandra Quick series, and I have to say I think the idea of a bus just fits with the continental US. It's much more of a highway than train culture, it makes sense.

    For my China fic, I am looking into some kind of magical creature drawn carriages or a ship of some kind. Perhaps some combination of those. No train or bus because of the huge conservatism of the Chinese wizarding society as I've imagined it.

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