I just re-read OP9, checked out HPL and HPW, and went through the filing cabinet, so hopefully I'm not repeating something that's already been discussed. My question is about the photograph of the Order that Moody shows Harry in OotP. I can't find anything about when it was taken. Any thoughts?

There is lots on what happened afterwards - who died and such. Obviously it was taken before Oct. 1981, and since there is no mention of Lily appearing pregnant, I'd say it was taken before Harry was born, before March 1980 (she'd be about four months pregnant at that point and starting to show, imho.)

According to the HPL, the Mauraders graduated in June 1977 (I would have pegged June 1978 based on birthdates, but I'll use their dates.) So my best guess is July 1978 - March 1980. Think it's open to any time during those 20 months or so?

Really, it's not a big deal as I probably can't use it for what I want to use it for, but it does set the base timeline for those few years and thus something I hope to write.

Gosh, how I wish for a Maurader prequel! Or just an encyclopedia!