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    Russia Snow

    Russia- "Dominique"


    My prompts:

    ♥ Dance *
    ♥ Diary *
    ♥ Scent *
    ♥ Nostalgia *
    ♥ Competition *
    ♥ Regret *
    ♥ Thief *

    ~Russia xxxxx

    * - Done and Posted below

    (Can I get SPEW 007 done in one day? OF COURSE I CAN!)

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    Russia Snow
    ♥ Competition

    Prompt: Competition
    Pairings/Characters: Dominique, Jordan, Verity
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 495

    “Now, Dominique, perhaps you can tell me what a Billywig is?”

    The rest of the class turned to stare at me. I opened my mouth slightly, willing my brain to take over and come up with an amazing answer. “Um...” is that really the best you can do brain? Honestly.

    “Is it..”

    “A wig belonging to a guy named Billy?” Jordan whispered helpfully in my ear. I disguised my laugh with a cough and shrugged at the professor.

    Professor Sageson frowned and turned to a tall dark haired girl, he raised his eyebrows expectantly. The girl grinned widely shooting me a “As if you didn’t know that!” kind of look. Then, in a high, clear voice she said,

    “A Billywig is an insect native to Australia. It is about half an inch long and bight sapphire blue. It moves incredibly fast and most Muggles usually don’t notice it until they have been stung. It has wings attached to its head, and spins as it flies, and a long thin sting.”

    “Excellent, Miss Verity. I am very impressed.”

    I rolled my eyes and clenched my teeth.

    Ravenclaws. They were all the same. They always knew the answer, they could always do everything better then you. The most annoying thing is that I don’t care that Verity got the answer right. What I care about it her thinking that she is so much better than me.

    After countless other smart arse answers from the Ravenclaws it was finally time to go back to the castle. I was discussing excuses with Jordan for why we hadn’t done the transfiguration homework which was due for next lesson, when I heard footsteps behind us. Turning my head I saw Verity stalking across the lawn. She flicked her dark hair over her shoulder and twiddled a few strands between her fingers as she got closer.

    Peering up from under her eye lashes, she chimed, “Hey, Jordan.”

    Jordan glanced at me, but I just shrugged. “Uh... hey Verity.”

    “I was just wondering if you were going to Hogsmede this weekend?”

    “Uhm, yeah I am.”

    Still twiddling her hair, Verity’s smile grew wider. “Cool, I guess I’ll see you there.”

    “Yeah, I guess.”

    “Well I’d better be going; I don’t want to be late to Transfiguration! I need to hand in that homework, I know Professor Tillywink only said to do two feet but I just got so absorbed I ended up doing six! I hope she doesn’t mind!” and with that Verity strode off toward the main doors to the castle.

    “I hope she doesn't mind!” I imitated in a cruelly high voice. I was trying to laugh off what she had just said. She has asked Jordan if he was going to Hogsmede. Jordan, MY Jordan. Only... well he wasn’t my Jordan was he? We were best friends but that was all. So hey, if Jordan wanted to date Verity, then he could.

    But I wasn’t going down without a fight.
    (I'm going to get it beta'd later)

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    Russia Snow
    ♥ Nostalgia

    Prompt: Nostalgia
    Pairings/Characters: Dominique, Jordan
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 700

    “Why are Polar bears heavy?”

    “Uhm... I don’t know?”

    “So they can break the ice. Hey, I’m Jordan.”

    I giggled. “Hi, I’m Dominique.”

    “That’s a really nice name.”

    I pulled a face, “Thanks, but I don’t like it that much.”

    “Nahh, It’s original, unique. Better than Jordan.”

    “I like the name Jordan.”

    “Then you won’t mind if I sit here?”

    Smiling, I shook my head. The tall dark haired boy flopped down next to me. “So,” he said, peering through his dark fringe, “where abouts are you from?”

    “Up north.” I replied, “It seemed kind of silly to come all the way down to London just to catch the train back past my house, but travelling by Portkey is all part of the fun!”

    “You’re lucky, I travelled by side along apparition!”

    “Bonasera, Jordan.” Grinning, Jordan approached the battered hat. Sitting down on the three legged stool at the front of the hall, he winked at me before a tall grey haired woman placed the hat over his eyes. It only took a few seconds before the hat roared out “GRYFFINDOR!”

    I breathed a sigh of relief, now all I had to do was depend on my Weasley Gryffindor traits to get me into Gryffindor too.

    Finally, the professor called my name. “Weasley, Dominique.”

    The hat took even less time to decide which house was right for me than it had for Jordan. “GRYFFINDOR!”

    Cheers rose up from the Gryffindor table, and I saw Jordan putting his fingers to his mouth to whistle. Grinning like the Cheshire Cat, I took my seat next to Jordan and he hugged me tightly.


    “Without further ado, I would like to announce this year’s house cup champions,” the headmaster paused for effect then roared out,


    “YES! YES! YES!” Every single Gryffindor leapt up from the benches and began cheering and applauding and clapping each other on the back. I shot a quick glance over to the Ravenclaw table, our two houses had been neck and neck for the past three months; we must have won by a few small rubies. Jordan was obviously thinking the same as he yelled at me, over the hubbub of the celebration, “It’s all thanks to those five points you earned last lesson when you caught those books that professor Tillywink dropped!” I grinned to think that I had helped Gryffindor beat Ravenclaw.


    “JORDAN!” I screamed, and bolted across the platform. I threw myself at my best friend and hugged him tightly.

    “Woah, Dina!” he laughed, “you’ll embarrass me in front of my boys!” I punched him playfully, and looked around jokingly for his imaginary ‘boys’.

    “Did you miss me?”

    “Are you kidding? It was so blissful, six weeks of peace and quiet! I’ve been dreading this day for weeks now.”

    I glared at him and turned my back, “Aww, Dom, I’m only joking!” and he wrapped his arms round me in a huge bear hug. “Let’s get on the train before all the good seats are taken! Oh... and I saw Donna going on through this door here, with any luck there’ll be a seat in her compartment!" I rolled my eyes and jumped onto the train behind him.


    “Please, professor! I can’t get detention!”

    “Well you should have thought about that before you ‘forgot’ to do your homework.”

    “But professor it’s Gryffindor Tryouts tonight and I promised Jordan I’d be there to support him!”

    “My decision is final Miss Weasley. I will see you here tonight at six o'clock.

    “I thought you had detention?”

    “I do.”

    “Then why are you following me out to the Quidditch pitch?”

    “Because I promised you that I’d be here, I didn’t promise professor Banderwitch that I would be in her detention. Promises over punishment any day!”

    “I really should make you go to that detention.”

    “Yes, you should. But you won’t.”

    “Yeah, you’re probably right.”

    “Last one to the pitch doesn’t get any pudding tomorrow!” I yelled and sprinted across the darkening lawn.

    And before I could relive the race to the Quidditch pitch and the wrestling match that ensued when Jordan caught up with and tackled me, my eyes blinked open. I was awake.
    (I'm going to get this beat'd later)

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    Russia Snow
    ♥ Regret

    Prompt: Nostalgia
    Pairings/Characters: Dominique, Jordan, Rochelle, Fernando
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 369

    “I wish someone would ask me to the dance... I’m going to look SO sad if I have to go by myself.”


    “I saw Fernando looking at me yesterday... do you think he might ask me? Ooh could you find out?”

    “Would you like to go with me?”


    “You could go with me...”

    “Uhm thanks, but I don’t want it to look like I had to resort to my best friend because I couldn't get a date.”

    “Resort... right. Well I’m going to go and finish that homework.”

    “And if you see Fernando...?”

    “Sure, whatever I’ll ask him to ask you.”

    “NO! Just subtly suggest that he might want to go with me. DON’T make it obvious.”


    “Hey, Dom.”

    “Hey! Did you see Fernando?”

    “Yeah... sorry, Dom, he’s going with Crystal.”

    “Aww MAN. Right, that’s it. I’m not going.”

    “Why does it matter so much that you have a date?”

    “You’re a guy, you wouldn’t understand!”

    “You could still go with...”

    “Maybe Rochelle knows someone who could ask me. I’ll go ask her.”



    “Okay, it’s official. EVERYONE has a date for the dance.”

    “No luck?”

    “No. Right, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. ”

    “And what’s that?”

    “Looks like I’m resorting to you! Congrats!”



    “Oh! Hey Fernando!”

    “I was wondering whether you would like to go to the dance with me?”

    “What? I thought you were going with Crystal?”

    “Oh, I was, but we broke up.”

    “I’m really sorry to hear that. But yeah, it’d be great to go with you!”




    “Guess what!”

    “You finished your homework before 2am?”

    “What? No. I got a date for the dance!”

    “Uhm... I know.”

    “You know? Did you talk to Fernando?”


    “Then how do you know that I’m going with him?”

    “You’re going with Fernando?”


    “Wow that’s great... really great.”

    “I KNOW!”



    “Oh crap... Dominique.”

    “I thought you came with me...”

    “I did! But... me and Crystal got talking and we decided to give things another go.”

    “Oh... right, no worries.”


    “Hey! Rochelle, have you seen Jordan?”

    “Yeah he’s over there dancing with... oh. I mean KISSING Verity. Oh my gosh! Can you believe that?”

    “Uhm, no. I guess not.”
    Again to be beta'd later when I'm not so lazy.

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    Russia Snow
    ♥ Diary

    Prompt: Diary
    Pairings/Characters: Dominique
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 305

    Dear Diary.


    I caught Fernando (my supposed date) kissing Crystal in the corner by the drinks table (classy, right?) It turns out he and Crystal have decided to “give things another go”. So my “great” date turns out to be not really my date at all. Fernando was just using me to make Crystal jealous; I suppose I should be flattered that it worked but...

    And then there’s Jordan. I was feeling pretty crap about the whole Fernando-Crystal situation so I went to find him; Rochelle pointed him out on the dance floor with Verity. Burt just as I looked over... she kissed him.

    It was really strange, seeing Jordan with Verity like that... I don’t understand why I felt like I did. Well I suppose I do, I just HATE VERITY SO MUCH. I DON’T understand why Jordan was dancing with Verity, let alone KISSING her. I haven’t spoken to him since; I just don’t know what to say to him! I mean I do feel bad for rejecting him, but it doesn’t mean anything, right? He just wanted us to go as friends but I wanted some air of romance to the evening. I guess I really got that with Fernando, didn’t I? I would have been better off just going with Jordan.

    But I KNEW Verity would laugh at me. Not that I care what she thinks or anything, but for once I just wanted it to look like my love life was successful, I mean, It’s really sad going to a romantic dance with your best friend isn’t it?

    I don’t know if this means that Jordan and Verity are dating now or what but... what will that do to our friendship? My best friend dating my worst enemy?

    Can I rise above it? I just don’t know.

    ~Dominique xxx
    I'm still lazy, so it'll get beta'd later.

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    Russia Snow
    ♥ Dance

    Prompt: Dance
    Pairings/Characters: Dominique, Rochelle, Fernando
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 392

    “Dominique! You look great!”

    I twirled in my new dress robes, the perfect shade of turquoise, my mum had sent them over the day before.

    “Come on the, Rochelle, let’s see yours!”

    Rochelle leapt onto her bed and drew the curtains. Soon she, too, had changed into her dress robes. The perfect deep shade of blue, the robes really bought out the brunette girls eyes.

    “Where are you meeting Ben?”

    “Downstairs in the main hall, where’re you meeting Fernando?”

    “ Top of the marble stairs, he wanted to make an entrance, you know? Like a proper fairytale!”

    Rochelle grabbed a pillow off her bed and threw it at me.

    “Hey! Mind the hair!” I cried, smoothing over my red waves.

    “You ready?”

    “Lipgloss check?”


    “We’re going to the ball!” I squealed excitedly and soon both me and Rochelle were dancing the happy dance all over the room.

    “We’d better go or we’ll miss the first dance and your grand entrance will be wasted.”

    I gently shoved Rochelle in the back and strode out of the door.


    “I love this song!”

    “Me, too.” Fernando smiled his heart-melting. “Want to dance?”

    I grinned stupidly and nodded.

    We walked out to the centre of the dance floor. It was still early on in the dance, so there weren’t many people who were confident enough to dance yet. I could feel eyes following us around the floor, and when I felt one particularly harsh stare on my back, I turned to see Crystal’s grey eyes shooting daggers across the hall at me.

    Fernando pulled me closer, the song was over all too soon. Fernando grinned at me and loosened his arms from around me.

    “You want a drink?”

    “Yes please.” I smiled sweetly.

    “I’ll just go and get some from over there then.” He gestured toward the corner where the drinks table stood.


    I had been talking to Rochelle and didn’t realise how long Fernando had been until she mentioned it.
    “Where’s Fernando?”

    “He went to get us some drinks... but that was like ten minutes ago.” I glanced across to the drinks table. Fernando was standing in a darkened corner.

    Frowning I swept across the floor, as I got closer I could see that Fernando was not alone in the corner. Behind him I saw a flash pale pink fabric. Crystal's dress.
    I'll get this drabble beta'd later too, so ignore the hideous typos >.>

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