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    Title: I’ll Tell Him Tomorrow
    Word Count: 792
    Author’s Note: This drabble takes place during the two weeks that Harry took off of work to spend time with Ginny in my fic, A Promise to Keep. In that story, Ginny found herself very alone after her wedding day because of Harry’s work schedule. She found an unlikely companion in Gabrielle Delacour, but that relationship spiralled into something quite different before either knew it. Oh, and damn word counts...I hate chopping things. I had to shave almost 150 words from this to make it fit. >.<

    Harry meant well by taking time off of work for her, but if Ginny were to be honest with herself, she resented him for it. Every time she looked at him, he stared at her like she was fragile and damaged.

    So what if she really was fragile and damaged? Did that give him the right to make her feel like it? Granted, it was her who had been unfaithful, but had he acted like the husband that she thought he’d be, it probably never would have happened. She was weary, she was hurt, and she was alone, and it’d all been because of him.

    Which made it doubly irritating how Harry treated her in those two weeks. He made breakfast every morning, and to her surprise, the food was excellent. His mushroom and pepper omelettes melted in her mouth, which had almost caused her to miss his singing. Harry could sing? How was it that, in the thirteen years that she’d known him, she didn’t know this?

    It was because, despite those thirteen years, she didn’t know her husband nearly as well as she thought. He could cook—she didn’t know that; he could sing quite well—she didn’t know that. What else didn’t she know about the man to whom she had pledged her life? She was fairly certain he knew everything about her, but she honestly couldn’t say the same.

    After seven days of this constant second-guessing, Ginny finally decided that she was a terrible wife, and he’d do much better with someone else. She didn’t want to do it, but she would—for his sake. She was going to ask for a divorce.

    As she opened her mouth to say those fateful, relationship-killing words, ‘we need to talk’, Harry sat down next to her and, chin resting in his hand, stared at her with his ridiculously attractive eyes.

    “I love you, you know,” he said.

    Her heart stopped. How could she possibly even think of ending things after he said something like that? It had completely deflated her courage to go through with it. There was no way that she was doing it now.

    I’ll just tell him tomorrow, she said to herself before adding aloud, “Love you, too.” The words sounded feeble and insincere to her own ears, but it was all she could do to even look him in the eye. So, now, she had to plan for the next attempt.

    However, the next day, and the next five after that, he yet again found ways to disarm her, to steer her from her intended course. Sometimes, it was a sincere, loving comment, or a wonderful gesture, like massaging her feet, or just a look of pure adoration, which made her feel like a complete tosser for what she was considering. Time after time, she simply couldn’t do it.

    The next day was the last chance that she would have before he went back to work. All of her ‘I’ll tell him tomorrow’s had come and gone, and this one was the last. She had made her decision, and she had to find the bloody courage to just do it.

    That final morning, though, saw Ginny waking up to relentless waves of nausea. The smell of food cooking had sent her sprinting to the loo to empty her angry stomach. Between bouts of vomiting, she penned a note to her Quidditch coach, calling off practise. Flying definitely wouldn’t improve her health.

    Eventually, her failure to show for breakfast sent Harry looking for her. She saw his face go white with concern just as she bolted for the bathroom for what seemed like the hundredth time. There was nothing left to eject from her stomach, but that didn’t stop her lungs from convulsing violently. He came in after her and rubbed her back soothingly.

    Damn him. How was she supposed to tell him now, after he watched her dry heaving?

    “I’ll go to your mum’s and see if she has anything that can help."

    Ginny nodded silently as he left her leaning over the toilet. What a complete fiasco. This was her last chance; there were no more tomorrows for which she could wait.

    It was that moment that realisation hit her aching brain. Could it be? The epiphany sent her diving into the potions cabinet, and, more specifically, for a small phial of cloudy white liquid. Quickly, she drank as much water as her upset stomach would allow so she could produce enough urine for the test.

    Silently, she pleaded for the potion not to turn purple as she stoppered and shook it. Whatever will she had left was summarily sapped by its violet hue.

    She couldn’t tell him tomorrow—or any day. She was pregnant.
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    jenny b
    Name of the Story: Heart's Betrayal
    Author: Trishelle
    Rating: 1st-2nd Years
    Word Count: 1942
    Warnings: Character Death, Violence
    Ryalda Grifhawk's husband is a Death Eater, trying to convince her to join the Dark Lord as he is gaining power to take over the wizarding world. Can a love between the proverbial good and bad survive? PG; Dark/angst.
    Name of the Story: A Test of Patience
    Author: cmwinters
    Rating: 3rd-5th Years
    Word Count: 8526
    Warnings: Sexual Situations
    Immediately after the Dark Lord is ressurected, Albus Dumbledore assigns Severus Snape to Dragonmirna Preserve in Romania to help combat an outbreak of Dragon Pox amongst the creatures as most of the handlers are inflicted with a rare and serious strain of Doxy Flu.

    Except, with Snape, nothing is ever quite that simple, is it?
    Name of the Story: Disenchanted
    Author: Lillikins
    Rating: 3rd-5th Years
    Word Count: 1666
    Warnings: None
    Belenus Thomas, a known and feared Death Eater, faces a most difficult decision. Will he sacrifice himself for the sake of his Muggle wife, and thier unborn child? Or will he stay with them, run for it, and lead them into a life of danger, deceit and ucnertainty?
    Name of the Story: Beauty From Pain
    Author: BURNiNGxC0LD
    Rating: Professors
    Word Count: 1979
    Warnings: Slash
    In the final battle between good and evil, Harry must defeat Lord Voldemort to bring light back to the wizarding world. But what if Harry wasn't the one to take down the Dark Lord?
    Name of the Story: A start
    Author: BritBabe15
    Rating: 1st-2nd Years
    Word Count: 1386
    Warnings: None
    The aftermath of Dumbledores funeral and the train ride told from several points of view.

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    •Your favourite category
    I, like Jess, prefer Next-Gen. I like it when the kids are older as well, because I can't stand First-Year fics in general, and it's simply rediculous to say that these kids won't get into some trouble. Basically, I say the same thing as Jess, but less verbosely.
    •Your favourite character
    Oh, geez. How can I pick? They're all so fully developed, and all so completely different.

    Dumbledore, I think. It may be somewhat shallow of me, but it's because of his humour. I was recently re-reading Beedle the Bard, and all these little bits were thrown in (like a particular footnote, "Such as myself," when speaking about particularly talented wizards, and Lucius Malfoy's attempt to have the stories removed from the Hogwarts library) that made me giggle. And anyway, I've always considered that the ends justify the means, so I think Dumbledore was justified in his misuse of Harry, as it all turned out well in the end. Such a Slytherin concept, no?

    •Your favourite pairing
    Quote Originally Posted by Copy/pasted from RoR -- Sorry, but I just discussed it, and I can't say it better than I already did. . . .
    Femmeslash -- it's such a small category over on the archives, and I think it should be recognized more. There's a bunch of great stories you can find in there, and a lot of them are CANON-COMPLIANT, like TF's Susan Bones/Hannah Abbot fic. WHOA. I don't know, these author's are just great at making the stories make sense as well as a good read. My personal femmeslash pairing is Asha/Altheda, mostly because it's my own creation. I don't think Beadle the Bard stories get enough credit in fanfiction.

    Scorpius/Roxanne -- another something from the depths of my mind. For one, they would be so cute together -- him with the blonde looks of his father and her with a crazy amazing combination of Angelina and George = luff. And in my characterization of them, they just work. Also, in a plot I'm working on, Rose is . . . different from a lot of the common characterizations. With S/Roxie you can get a lot of the same family issues, but I think they could be even more amusing. Yeah, you lose Ron, but we get George, who I'm sure is very protective of his "little girl", and Angelina, who's pretty tough and would lay down the law to Scorpius. The animosity from other members of the family can be there too, because you know the Weasley clan is very tight-knit for such a large group. Gah, I love it.

    Draco/Ginny -- my own guilty pleasure. There's only a few stories I've read in this category that I've really enjoyed, but those few . . . they make the pairing make sense. I would prefer to read a angsty story versus fluff, mostly because a lot of the fluffy ones don't examine the characters very deeply. Draco isn't just some suave gentleman, and Ginny isn't all fire. I also hate how a typical plotpoint thrown in is what her family would think, and how I rarely see a unique spin on it. I usually don't care for Ginny (at all), but I relent for this pairing.

    Andromeda/Ted - this is my favourite canon pairing. It's just . . . luff. They can be so adorable together. I dislike how Andromeda is almost always put in Slytherin, though. I was always under the impression that she was a Ravenclaw. As long as her character is shown as realistic to her House and what we see of her in the books, I don't mind.
    •Your favourite fic/author
    There is no bloody way I can pick just one. There are so many talented authors around here (most of which I haven't read >.> I tend to read/review stories by people I haven't heard of before), and it's challenging to choose a single story or person as the best.

    I think my favorite fic at the moment is When Worlds Collide by our Queen Jenny. It's the one Rose/Scorpius I let myself read, and Jenny is just awesome in general. The characterisations are luff and I love Albus and Anna in there. Their names are alliterative. Also, is that a new chapter I spy in Most Recent?

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    I reviewed Selina's A Lady's Regret. Link here:


    + I noticed that you are particularly good at description. Leaves are the Song of Change definitely has a lot of that. What, in your opinion, are important features necessary for carrying off a good description in a fic? Do you feel that description can sometimes overpower the main theme/plot?

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    Hola, and thank you!

    I think the most almighty of almighty features with using description is to keep it interesting. I’m fine with yards of babbling about the aspects of the Collins’ home in an Austen novel, but it’s a bit sleepy, and when I’m a bit sleepy I’ll be reading the same passage over and over, trying to puzzle it out (yes, that’s what I was doing last night ‘till three in the morning). Books are more action packed now that we don’t have hours on end to read a novel. In most things (I except Leaves are the Song of Change from this, as that was an experiment to see if I could get by without dialogue, among other things) I try to balance the description in either two ways: describe something in action, or temper it with either action of some sort or dialogue.

    I think it very much can. Description for description’s sake must be discouraged. heehee, Umbridge paraphrasing! It best when description can be used to promote some point. Whether it’s describing the next major set for the story, showing some quirk of character or setting, or revealing some aspect of character, I hope it has a reason.

    It’s all give and take, really. You don’t want to leave your reader out there floundering, not knowing if Harry and crew are in Dumbledore’s office or Machu Picchu, but minute details about the precise colour and shape of a teapot aren’t always necessary or wanted.


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    Hermoine Jean Granger

    Late entry into the discussion is late.

    Your favourite category

    I will read almost fics from any category, as long as I find the title and the summary interesting enough. I find that most of the stories I read either belong to Dark/Angsty or general. I read a lot of poetry, too. While I do like Post-Hogwarts, I find that a lot of fics in there have concepts that have been repeated to death and are hence boring. I'll be frank: I never search fics by category, so there's really no straight reply that I can give to this question. I find a lot of stories from the entire spectrum to be really good!

    Your favourite character

    This is a tougher question than the first. >.< I like the Dark Side. Um, the Blacks(except Sirius), definitely. The Malfoys. I find Dumbledore very interesting, too. I love reading a good fic about Remus. Snape when not being made into a misunderstood soft-hearted idiot is fun to read as well. I seriously cannot choose, oh Lord.

    Your favourite pairing

    I've been asked this question a number of times, and each time I think about it, I cannot arrive at a set answer. I'm not a shipper, I think. I don't generally delve into stories where hard-core romance happens to be the main theme - I just find other things more interesting. It's not like I don't like romance - romance as an element in a story is awesome, but when it is the story... well, not so much. I think that out of the few stories of this kind that I've read, I find that Remus/Tonks, when done well, forms a very interesting fic. There's a lot to that relationship, and I've seen some really good fics that explore the dynamic between the two.

    Your favourite fic/author

    Gah! You can't expect me to have one single reply for this. It's nearly impossible! I love, love, love the Alexandra Quick series by Inverarity.The books are amazing, and I can't even talk about them without becoming a gushing and babbling fangirl. >.< That's actually the reason I hesitate to review them. >.> I also thoroughly enjoyed Great Expectations, by Cassandras Cross, despite it being a Harry/Ginny and a Ron/Hermione.

    Hmm, authors. A lot of authors are amazing out here.Having just returned to fandom, I'm yet to find new and awesome authors, so this list contains a lot of people who have been there for quite some time. Inverarity, Paige, Gina, Azhure, Gigi, whatapotter, Kelly, Jan, Nikki, Jenna, Anna, Chante, VV... oh, the list could go on and on.

    Sometimes, I forget the names of the stories I've read and loved - for example, I read this brilliant Rita Skeeter fic which I loved very much, but I wasn't logged in so I couldn't add it to my favourites, and I didn't bookmark it; now when I wanted to get the name, I simply cannot find it. This happens annoyingly often, which is the reason there's probably a bunch of authors and stories missing from the list. Sigh.

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