♦ What is the Category Patrolling Project?

Basically, it is a venture wherein SPEWers scout the archives for fanfiction that needs quality reviews and post them to a thread, so that others who are searching for fics to review can easily find them when they need it. I've found that finding a fic to review, especially close to the deadline, is like half the job done. SPEW Category Patrolling helps us with that.

♦ How will this work?
Every month, there will be a thread posted with the name of the category that we're featuring for the month. There will be no more claims for categories; anyone who wants to use category patrolling as a replacement for a particular month can post in that thread. At the end of the month, I will post all the entries which were posted during the month to the database of stories(this thread). This way, all the stories of a category will be in one post in the database, and anyone who is looking for fics to review can look at the respective post in this thread.

You do not have to review the stories you chose. You do not even have to read them. All you need to do in category patrolling is to find them and post details about them.

♦What kind of stories can I post to the Category Patrolling thread?
Stories which you think are in need of quality reviews. It's not exactly based on the number of reviews(unless we're looking at hundreds of one-liners), because even a story with a few one-line reviews can use a good in-depth review.

All genres, ratings and length are permissible. In case of WIP fiction, however, please post the date it was last updated on. (This is what you see when you choose the story, of course; I don't mean you have to keep editing your post whenever there's a new update.)

♦ What are the details I need to post with, if I choose category patrolling as a replacement?

PHP Code:
Name of the Story(with link): 
Word Count:
Warnings(if any):
Number of chapters(if chaptered. If it is a one-shotthis can be skipped): 
Last updated on(applicable only to WIPs):
There might be slight changes depending on the month(for instance, if the category is Other Pairing, the pairing featured might have to be included), but this is the basic template.

♦Is there a minimum number of stories I need to post, to meet requirements?
I think a minimum of five stories for now seems reasonable. There will be no maximum limit. More the merrier, as the saying goes.

If you have any other questions/doubts/clarifications regarding Category Patrolling, please send me a message or post in the babble thread. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.