Hello everyone. I'm working on a sequel to one of my stories and in it Nurmengard and the route to Nurmengard are crucial information to have. I have a good idea of the route I want my characters to take to get to Nurmengard, but I haven't firmly fixed where I would want Nurmengard to be. The lexicon said that it was somewhere in Europe, which doesn't help much. I have narrowed it down to three possible locations that I was planning to put the prison. Here are my ideas:

1.) Near Innsbruck, Austria: This location has the Alps to the south of it and is near a river. It's also close to the Switzerland border (which is the country that my characters will have to go through since it is a neutral country in WWII). I thought it would be a good place to put Nurmengard because it is in mountainous terrain that is harder to attack.

2.)Linz, Austria: This location doesn't have the mountains in the background, but it is near a major river (the Danube). At the time, it was also near the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. In my story, one of the characters will be sent to a concentration camp and it will have an effect on a second character that is in the prison and leave a terrible choice to be made by a third character who has to choose which person to save first (sorry if this sounds confusing, but I don't want to give any information away).

3.) Near Munich, Germany: This is also near a concentration camp (Dachau concentration camp). It's near a river, but it's in Germany. I think it would be harder for my characters to cut into Germany than to cut into Austria from Switzerland.

So far, I'm leaning towards putting the prison in Innsbruck because it is the closest location to the Switzerland border, and I think it will be easier for my characters to cut through a smaller part of Austria then a larger part of Germany (Munich location) or a larger part of Austria (Linz location).

Does this sound like a good reasoning for where Grindelwald would place his prison? Would he want it defensible or would he want it more prominent? Do you think he would have placed it in Austria?

What are your opinions on my location choices?