SPEW 007 will run from May 1st to July 31st.

Making Claims:
  • Request your character by posting in this thread.
  • I will PM you with your seven prompts.
  • Post a thread in this forum according to the guidelines specified in the How To Post thread with your prompts.

Additional Information:

  • This thread will not close, so you don't have to request your character immediately - you can begin at any time.
  • If you complete all seven of your prompts and would like to do another character, then feel free to request again.
  • If three weeks pass after your most recent post, I will notify you via PM; from that point you will have one week to make a post. If you have not posted a story within one week of receiving the PM, your character will be made available to others for claim.

Characters Claimed:

Albus Potter - Jess
Astoria Greengrass-Malfoy - Amanda
Dominique Weasley - Russia
Lily Evans - Mere
Roxanne Weasley - Selina
Teddy Lupin - Sarah