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Thread: Child-Stealing Monsters

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    Quote Originally Posted by mighty
    Why you need an already used monster in your story?
    Why don't you create a fresh one for your story?
    A great many of the creatures in J.K.' stories come from old mythology that she revamped in order to fit into her story: centaurs, the basilisk, even veelas. She did make up several of her own monsters too, but the great majority of them came from research into stories that already existed.

    So yes, it would be possible to create my own moster, but basing one on an already-existing creature would be...brownie points.

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    Well, it isn't a monster exactly, but in The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly, Rumplestiltskin (probably spelled that wrong) tricks older siblings into giving him their younger siblings by getting the older sibling to tell him the younger siblings' names (kind of ironic, given the fairytale). Then he traps them both.

    I'm not sure if this exactly what you're looking for, but it is interesting.

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