Hello! (Err, sorry it took me so long to post this, I kinda forgot. )

UserName: Sagen on both.
Title: Right now I have If You Change Your Mind, but that might change.
Genre: Romance.
Ships: James/Lily.
Rating and Warnings: Rating: 3rd-5th years. Warnings: Sexual Situations, Self Injury*, Violence.
Word Count: I have four chapters done so far. Chapter One: 1721 words. Chapter Two: 2537 words. Chapter Three: 2142 words. Chapter Four: 2379 words. So about 1500-2600 a chapter.
One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered, I'll have about 10-12 of them.
Expected Beta Time: Oh anytime, really.
Permanent Y/N: For this, yes please.
They say that your last year of school is supposed to be your best. Too bad that isnt true for Lily Evans and James Potter. Who knew that everything can be ruined in a week? First an over-the-top crush, then two friendships. Can you fix everything by someone changing their mind or is it too late once its over?
I'll probably change this later.
What kind of help are you looking for?: I know for a fact that my Severus is OOC, but I'm not too sure about the rest of the characters. Also, my plot, as I'm not sure it makes sense.

*The self-injury is a slight eating disorder.
This is a sequel to my one-shot, Daddy's Little Girl. It's not necessary to read this, but it does mention some things that happened in it.
Thanks soo, much!