Hi Natalie! So much for taking the week off after last weekend's writing binge.

UserName: Gmariam/Gina
Title: Of course I don't have one yet. Please.
Genre: Drabble
Ships: Er. . . sorta Lily/Remus but still canon
Rating and Warnings: 3-5th/drinking
Word Count: 800 word limit
One Shot or Chaptered: neither, although this could so easily become a one-shot...
Expected Beta Time: I'm going out of town next weekend and I think I'd like to post it before I leave.
Permanent Y/N: Permament for this one, yes.
Summary: This is for the June drabble challenge here. I chose the prompt about finding out what Lily was so kind to Remus about.
What kind of help are you looking for? Ah, so much. First of all, I've had to cut a bunch to get it to 800 words and its still not there, so I might need help with that and with making sure it's not too choppy then. I'd love someone to either confirm or deny that it's plausible and in character. There are probably too many semi-colons. I need a title, of course. And Terri originally said it should be Remus's POV but said it could be Lily's POV; I'm wondering if by using Lily's POV I actually met the requirements of the prompt. I started tweaking it to Remus's POV so could always send that too.

I won't cry if you say no since I see a much longer request before mine. I'd be happy to return the favor any time! Thanks!