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    I don't know if you can do that on mugglenet but you could let users add banners to their story Summary: to make it stand out or something like that and you could have something that lets us add images in our profiles

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    I don't know how technically feasible banners in story summaries would be, but in the past, there has been the possibility to add banners to the author profile's page. A few of the older members' profiles still have those. However, there's been some technical problems which made editing the profile pages while having the banners impossible so they had to either be taken down for editing purposes or the information on the profile pages remained unchanged. That final decision was up to the individual author.

    I myself have linked banners. If you want to have a look how that looks like, simply follow the link in my signature that reads "author".
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    Yeah I will have a look at your page now
    Really?? I would have never would of guessed that banners would have problems on the site but thats okay

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    One thing that we need to take into consideration is bandwidth. We eliminated banners from most of - if not all - people's author profiles on the archives site. Banners take up a lot of space!

    The idea about linking the banners, I believe, would be your best bet for the time being. Maybe we will once again see the day where we have banners all over the site!

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