Hi everybody!

I've always wondered about this...Do you think there could be spells that do math or any corrections for you? I can only think of the Spell-Check quills. I know the professors assign foot-long essays or 13 inch essays and such, and I think that's because, if everyone was writing on parchment, students wouldn't have enough time to do a word count.

But could there be spells that do word count? Could there be spells that might act as some sort of calculator for math problems? There definitely are computers in the muggle world, and actual calculator devices, too...So is the Wizarding World behind on this matter, or do you think they might've developed something?

What do you think? Professors assign essays by length, not word count, and Hermione doesn't cheat on her Arithmancy (and she wouldn't do it anyway, but still ).

Love, Hayden