Hi everyone!

Name: Bine
Penname/Author's Page: luinrina and look at your own risk...
House: Hufflepuff
Why You're In SPEW: to help authors with my reviews, and to learn to make my reviews better
Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Lord of the Rings, Highland-Saga from Diana Gabaldon and Wolfgang Hohlbein (German author)
What You Do When You're Not Online: working >.<
What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: hm, not sure. I try to write different things and am not committed to one genre or cat.
Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Cassandra's Cross, megan_lupin and moonymaniac; stories: too many to list, but a few are on my favourites list on my author page
Favourite Pairings/Characters: Character: Sirius; pairing: I read every pairing, but my OTP is Lily/James
Favourite Story You've Written: Shining Through Blackness
Three Random Things About Yourself:
1) I'm much too addicted to my computer since I have internet at home - but it's worth it
2) I can't really stand coffee - but I drink it with hot chocolate
3) Whenever I'm stuck with my stories and need ideas I phone my sister - she's great at getting ideas