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Thread: SPEW Members Introductions

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    SPEW Members Introductions

    Hello, dearest SPEW.

    When reading the introduction of our most recent and adorable newbie, I realised how that particular thread is getting a bit outdated. Several members have had to leave us for various reasons, and most of those who introduced us early on should probably update our information anyway. So, instead of deleting the introductions written by our old members and asking everyone else to update theirs, my dear Vice President and I decided that it was time for a new thread. The introduction form is slightly altered from last time, and we hope that you will enjoy filling it out as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

    HTML Code:
    [b]Penname/Author's Page:[/b]
    [b]Why You're In SPEW:[/b]
    [b]Favourite Non-HP Reading Material:[/b]
    [b]What You Do When You're Not Online:[/b]
    [b]What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For:[/b]
    [b]Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories:[/b]
    [b]Favourite Pairings/Characters:[/b]
    [b]Favourite Story You've Written:[/b]
    [b]Three Random Things About Yourself:[/b]
    My apologies to all newbies for the slight inconvenience. If anyone would like to view the old thread, it has been transferred to the SPEW Archive.

    Now - have fun!

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    Name: Jenna
    Penname/Author's Page: GringottsVault711 [primary] The Vault [6th/7th Years/Professors fics]
    House: Slytherin
    Why You’re In SPEW: It’s really about the writing for me; and the fellowship.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman, and authors of modernism and from the early 20th century in general - Somerset Maugham, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Graham Greene, Kate Chopin. A small collection of graphic novels, including the Sin City series. I also have a fondness for Ian McEwan, and am considering delving into Bernard Schlink.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: I work at a petshop, and do mundane things like cleaning and cooking. And of course their is reading.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: I tend to be known for writing scandalous stories, really. I find it more natural to write stories with an element of darkness, though that darkness isn't always necessarily prominent; it often is, though. I'm probably best known for my seventh-year fic, Blood Debt, and my WIP centred around my OC, Siobhan Murphy. And for writing rarepairs. Though I do occasionally suprise people with a James/Lily or *looks at most recent WIP*, Draco/Ginny.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Authors: Fantasium, electronicquillster, dory_the_fishie, Slian Martreb, Vindictus Viridian, bittersweet_lullaby. Stories: Vacillation & Volition by Fantasium. It Matches Your Eyes by bittersweet_lullaby, Even Fallen Angels Love by Vindictus Viridian, When The Church Bells Ring by TheVanishingAct. The Moon People by Ennalee.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: I'm a Harry fangirl. Whenever it seems I might have forgotten him, I haven't. It all comes back to Harry. I also love Lily, Narcissa, Lucius, and Fleur. And the founders My favourite pairings are: Siobhan/Lucius, Lily/Narcissa, Harry/Katie, Ron/Hermione, Tom/Minerva, and Rowena/Salazar.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Sins of the Father, as far as WIPs, and I Know Who You Are.
    Three Random Things About You:
    I like tea, my favourite being Twining's Irish Breakfast.
    I have lived in four countries.
    I love lockets, keys and frog princes.

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    (I was promised a treat for doing this.)

    Name: Aska
    Author's Page: I consider this to be my page at the main site.
    House: I didn’t know they sort dogs now?
    Why You're In SPEW: I’m the mascot. I keep an eye on things.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor, A Way of Life by H Glyn Jones, How to Photograph Dogs by Nick Ridley, and anything by Barbara Sykes.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: I practice being cute and cuddly, I make sure that my little brother Sirius behaves, and I empty the toy-box so that he can put them everything back again. I also like to do some herding, lie on Ashley’s bed, and occasionally I do some light begging.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Be Known For: Ones where I’m perfectly sweet and obedient. Fiction is nice that way.
    Favourite MNFF Stories: Noir House by Marie and It’s A Dog’s Life by Steph – I’m in both of them.
    Favourite Characters: Hagrid seems fun, but a bit irresponsible. I like McGonagall and Dumbledore; I would obey them. Then there is Charlie Weasley who has got the right idea about animals; he seems very nice. The same goes for that other character I’ve been hearing so much about, Liam Something.

    Three Random Things About Yourself:

    - A nasty accident involving lots of acid took place while I was being conceived.
    - My favourite non-meat treat is cucumber.
    - I have 17 full brothers and sisters, and even more half-siblings.

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    Name: Alison
    Penname/Author's Page: R_Ravenclaw
    House: Ravenclaw
    Why You're In SPEW: To make me into a better reviewer and better writer, and of course to get to know all of the great people here!
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Gone With the Wind, Watership Down, Dune, The Wizard of Oz series, Eats, Shoots and Leaves, Importance of Being Earnest, Great Gatsby, As I Lay Dying, The Fountainhead, and many moreÖ
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Read or watch excessive amounts of Gilmore Girls.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: I've written quite a few stories about Rodolphus.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Authors: Kerichi and Hermione_Rocks. Stories: Never Meant to Be, Secret Boxes, A Tale of Two Matchmakers, Slaughter-Dew, and a lot more that I can't really think ofÖ
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Characters: Sirius, Draco, Rodolphus, Bellatrix, Ginny, Ron, Lucius, Narcissa. Pairings: Draco/Ginny, Sirius/Lily, Ron/Hermione, Lucius/Narcissa.
    Favourite Story You've Written: My favourite by far is my newest WIP, A Hieroglyphic World. I also love two of my one-shots, Someday Never Comes and Only Him.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:

    - I'm obsessed with the Civil War.
    - I was stupid and decided to take 5 AP classes next year
    - I have an over-protective kitty named Ferguson who beats up other cats if I pet them.

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    Hi everyone!

    Name: Bine
    Penname/Author's Page: luinrina and look at your own risk...
    House: Hufflepuff
    Why You're In SPEW: to help authors with my reviews, and to learn to make my reviews better
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Lord of the Rings, Highland-Saga from Diana Gabaldon and Wolfgang Hohlbein (German author)
    What You Do When You're Not Online: working >.<
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: hm, not sure. I try to write different things and am not committed to one genre or cat.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Cassandra's Cross, megan_lupin and moonymaniac; stories: too many to list, but a few are on my favourites list on my author page
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Character: Sirius; pairing: I read every pairing, but my OTP is Lily/James
    Favourite Story You've Written: Shining Through Blackness
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1) I'm much too addicted to my computer since I have internet at home - but it's worth it
    2) I can't really stand coffee - but I drink it with hot chocolate
    3) Whenever I'm stuck with my stories and need ideas I phone my sister - she's great at getting ideas
    No longer a mod and no longer in charge of any forums.

    author ~*~ BA banner ~*~ giggler
    Banners by Tiffany and Samarie ^

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    Name: Mere
    Penname/Author's Page: MerrryD
    House: HUFFLEPUFF!
    Why You're In SPEW: Because I love reviewing and knowing that I can help authors.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Anything by Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, the Gemma Doyle trilogoy, anything by Sarah Dessen, To Kill a Mockingbird, some other books...
    What You Do When You're Not Online: ride/spend time with my horses, write, watch West Wing, Alias, and Buffy on DVD, cook/bake, do yoga, school/homework.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: -shrugs- I don't know?!
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: lullaby BANG, Nikki (fg_weasley)/ My Constant by, MoRoCcAnAnDpRoUd and The Curtain Call by, Amelia Bedelia.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: James/Lily, Dean/Luna, Sirius/OC / Lily, Ginny, Hermione, Fred and George, Oliver...
    Favourite Story You've Written: Blood, Tears, and a Diamond
    Three Random Things About Yourself:

    -Due to the amount of time I spend outside and the different clothes that I wear when I'm outside, I'm five different colors right now.
    - My journal has cakes on it. (It's a copy of the painting Cakes by, Wayne Thibaud.)
    - I'm vegetarian.

    Peace out.


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    Hello, dears!

    Name: Haylee

    Penname/Author's Page: XhayleeXblackX - Author's Page

    House: Slytherin . . . hiss . . .

    Why You're In SPEW:

    Because itís awesome, duh. Nah, just kidding, well it is awesome, but Iím here to grow as a reviewer and a writer, and to share what I can with others. Also to have some fun, read some great stories, and meet new people.

    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material:

    Oh dear, this is hard. Well, I like the Leven Thumps series; itís kind of lighthearted and sort of similar to the style of HP. I love To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, Angela's Ashes, and other than that, I haven't read much outside of the things I have been assigned to read in school.

    What You Do When You're Not Online:

    Oh, the usual: read, write, have plot bunny brainstorms and psychotic dreams. Otherwise, I'm getting ready to go off to my freshman year of college to study Psychology, which scares me to death. I like to hang out with my family and friends, drink iced latte's (addicted), and just listen to music.

    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For:

    Hm, Draco fics, I suppose. I donít really have enough to be known for anything or big followings, so I donít know what I would be known for other than Draco.

    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories:

    NikkiSue, Social Loner, Sarakime, and Leahsm2 are all in my favorite authors for sure, and I love Euphrates' and Lalalalatinaís poetry. As for favorite stories, the legendary Sins of the Father (which I think you will all be familiar with ), Broken Souls by kingbobrules, First Comes Friendship by Social Loner, and Nicoleís Safe Haven. I know I have many others that I adored, but I canít remember them because I usually only save chaptered stories in my favorites.

    Favourite Pairings/Characters:

    Draco is my favorite character, but I also love Harry, Oliver Wood, Narcissa, and Ron. I really like reading Dramione fics, I'm a confessed addict, and I like the occasional Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, or Lucius/Narcissa story.

    Favourite Story You've Written:

    A Black Rose. I really think that itís some of my best work, but I also love the Narcissa one-shot I recently wrote, which I am dying to submit. So itís a tie between those two. Out of my poetry though, I would have to say that I am most proud of Silent Prisoner, Mindless Toy.

    Three Random Things About Yourself:

    1. I have spacing OCD issues.
    2. I donít really care all that much for chocolate. *dodges tomatoes*
    3. I call everyone dear.



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    Name: Leanne
    Penname/Author's Page: I like one-shots, what can I say?
    House: Hufflepuff, yo
    Why You're In SPEW: I think the question is - why wasn't I before? I love leaving reading/reviewing fics, and the people here are just teh amazing.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephenie Meyers...favorite books include: 1984, Eats, Shoots, and Leaves, Pride and Prejudice, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Angels and Demons, the Da Vinci Code, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Kite Runner, and I Capture the Castle
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Well, school is time-consuming, that's for sure. -_- But I also like to just hang out with my friends, sing, write (I know, crazy), and read. Music is my other passion; I'm quite a nerd about it, really. Oh, and I adore football [soccer], particularly German football. Like, a lot.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: I may or may not have a lot of Dark/Angsty fics. -shifty eyes- I've written some romance as well. I think I'm mostly known for writing fics about the Blacks.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Anything by Noldo is pure love. I also enjoy reading Marie-Antoinette by Tinn Tam, Tangled by Bella_Mia, and Meant to Be by chloish.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: James/Lily, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Andromeda/Ted, Leanne/Sirius, Mar/Regulus...I've also been known to like Narcissa/Lucius, Remus/Tonks, and various rare pairs. I can be pretty open when it comes to ships, though I tend towards canon.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Meh, I don't really have one. It changes every time I write something new. At the moment I'm favoring Brothers On A Hotel Bed and You Can Sit On Chimneys.
    Three Random Things About Yourself: 1. I'm a twin (both online and in RL...though in RL, my twin is male). 2. I'm addicted to chapstick (actually, Burt's Bees). 3. I like to write on my hand, and usually it's a song lyric that pops into my head.

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    -posts next to twin-

    Name: Marie
    Penname/Author's Page: ElectronicQuillster
    House: Hufflepuff
    Why You're In SPEW: Itís irresistable. Once a king or queen of SPEW, always a king or queen of SPEW.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: The Chronicles of Narnia, Dumas, The Great Gatsby, Twilight
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Work, School, Sleep
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: My stories tend to be love stories with some sort of canon twisting. Colorful characters. Hearty descriptions. For some reason people like my dialogue, but it's the hardest thing for me.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Well, Jenna is obviously brilliant. I'm addicted to "Curse of the Reapers" and "Moments of Bliss." I'm friends with many fabulous authors, and I always enjoy reading their work.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Marie/Regulus, Cedric/Katie, Harry/Siobhan, Ron/Hermione, Leanne/Sirius, gotta love the Marauders, Weasley twins are fabulous, etc.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Probably Noir House. I also like my WIPs, but I've fallen out of touch with them (hopefully that will change soon).
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1. I have a twin. -points to Leanne's profile directly above-
    2. My music infatuation is more of being as necessary as oxygen.
    3. Regulus is not my first imaginary boyfriend. Heavens, no. But don't tell him that.

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    Name: Afifa
    Penname/Author's Page: Afifa/ Link
    House: Hufflepuff
    Why You're In SPEW: I'd always wanted to be a part of this community. It's a really fun and educational at the same time. And I'd love to get to know the other SPEWers better, and learn to write better reviews.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Remember When by Judith McNaught, books by Georgette Heyer, etc. It's a long list.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Read, write [I have this thing of writing on paper, and then typing it up ], watch television, go out with friends, sleep, talk, draw, help my mother with the small house hold chores. Study?
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Marauder era and Romance [James/Lily and Other Pairing]
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: fg_weasley [Nikki], p*ssycat123 [Amy], Schmerg_The_Impaler, Things Aren't Always Black and White by padfootsgirl1981, The Curtain Call by Amelia Bedelia, etc.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: James/Lily, Hermione/Draco, Sirius/me. The Marauders, Draco.
    Favourite Story You've Written: A Black Rose and a White Lily
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    - I love smilies.
    - I love books.
    - I love writing.

    Lol. Lame, I know.

    - Afifa
    - Write - Beta - Drabble - Duel - Help -

    Awesome avvie by Minna/minnabird.

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