Just a couple of Sirius questions:

What would he have thought of Lily before she'd got with James? How about after?
In a few fics I've read, Lily has been 'Evans' to Sirius, and Sirius has been 'Black' to Lily. I think this is plausible. But what about when Lily gets with James?

Would he have felt threatened by Lily and James' relationship?
In a couple of fics I've read, Sirius is peeved by Lily and James' relationship because he feels like James prefers Lily to him. Do you think this is right?

When did he get his motorbike?
There were motorbike magazines in his GP bedroom, right? Does that mean he bought it before he ran away? Where would he have gotten the money?

What sort of subjects would he have taken?
Muggle Studies, to go against his parents? Astronomy, because his family is named after the stars? Divination? Transfiguration?

Any ideas for answers would be very much appreciated XD

~Midnight Storm