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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge 10 - Christmas

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    Weekly Drabble Challenge 10 - Christmas

    Yep, it's that time of year and our topic is Christmas, so just remember to use canon characters and have fun with any Christmasy theme you want.

    Winners will be awarded points as usual. 15, 10 and 5.

    Use the following form:


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    Name: GinnyPotter
    House: Badgers Rule! I mean....Hufflepuff
    Title: It's that time of year
    Warnings: None
    Words: 216

    "It's that time of year, mate. We're officially doomed. I can’t believe we forgot!" Ron Weasley said to Harry Potter one day, as they were each reading Chudley Cannon magazines, and were sitting on top of their beds. Harry never really liked the Chudley Cannons, but he was reading it not to make Ron happy, but because he was bored out of his skull. Plus, he was just looking at the colors, so Ron didn't notice him eating Chocolate frogs.

    "What's that Ron, are we going to get sucked up by Hermione's book or Ginny's wand?" Harry retorted back.

    "Mate, we have to buy Ginny and 'Mione Christmas gifts, Christmas is tomorrow, and what are we doing? We're sitting like a bunch of baboons!"

    "Crap! What are we supposed to get them? We can't leave the house, and besides, if we did, Ginny would see us. She's outside pruning the weeds, remember?" Harry said, putting his chocolate frog down and wiping his glasses with his shirt.

    "Hey Ron, where is Hermione? I haven't seen her since after-"

    "BOYS! DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME OF THE YEAR IT IS? I FORGOT." Ron and Harry heard Hermione shout up the stairs before Harry could finish his sentence.

    "Hey Mate..." Ron said quietly, "I think I found her."

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    Name: babekitty_92 (Abbi )
    House: Slytherin!
    Title: Well, I did expect that of you.
    Warnings: Cross-dressing.
    Words: 358

    "I'm not doing it, and that's final!"

    "Oh, come on, Prongs! It wouldn't be the first time you've made a fool of yourself," Sirius nagged and James glared at him. He was not, under any circumstances, going to dress in that outfit, nor trust anything Sirius said that involved him and gifts.

    Last year when Peter trusted him, he ended up eating live cockroaches in chocolate liqueurs and the year before, Snape was walking around with a bubble-filled bathtub for a week. Though that was funny as he really did need a bath...

    "Yeah, but this is different! I'm going to be-"

    "A brave little boy and do what you are told. Now, you have three minutes to get ready and get that wig in place. Hurry up!" Sirius urged and James sighed. This better bloody work or else...


    "You're looking very endearing, Prongs."

    "Yeah, like a male slu-"

    "Shhh! She's coming! Sit down and I'll fix it. Villancico!" Remus quickly shut the lid and magically did up the bow before getting under the cloak and racing up to the next level along with Peter and Sirius.

    Lily, however, walked down the corridor when she spotted the red and gold box. On a shimmering tag, it read:

    To Lily,
    Here's a special gift from us,
    The girls xoxo

    She eyed it suspiciously. Who in the world (including her friends) leaves a Christmas present that big in a corridor for all to see?

    "Potter." there was a clinking sound, and the box opened to reveal a messy-haired boy with a blonde wig half on his head. A halo was floating above him and he was wearing a low cut and very tight, ivory gown. He was apparently, an Angel. Who could not sing. When he finished, she was wobbling and holding her ears.

    "That was the worst carol I have ever heard," she breathed, and he was already furious. I am going to murder Sirius with my bare and moisturized hands. he thought.

    "So, do you think I look good?"

    "The performance and the look; well, I did expect that of you." and she stalked off down towards the library.

    "Sirius! You are going DOWN!" James thundered.

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    Just Beyond the Veil
    Name: Just Beyond the Veil
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: A Day in the Life of Argus Filch
    Warnings: none
    Words: 263

    “Come, my sweet,” I coaxed. “There’s a lot to do today.”

    Mrs. Norris purred and followed me to the Great Hall to meet the prefects. Today was the day to start Christmas decorating. How I hated Christmas decorating!

    We walked through the doorway into utter pandemonium. Peeves was throwing baubles at terrified students, most of whom were hiding under the House tables. “PEEVES!” I shouted. All that got me was a tree-topper hurled at my nose. It hurt.

    “I’ll have you now, Peeves! The headmaster can’t possibly let you stay after this! Weasley, go get Professor Dumbledore,” I barked. He wrestled with the strand of tinsel around his neck for a moment and, giving it up as a lost cause, left the Hall. “You prefects clean up this mess,” I ordered. “Peeves, OUT!”

    By the time that Weasley boy arrived with the Headmaster, the room was tidy and I had finally managed to get rid of the poltergeist. “What’s been happening here?” Dumbledore asked.

    “It was Peeves, sir. He was throwing things. See the cut on my nose? It’s from him,” I replied excitedly. “You can’t let him stay now. He’s done physical harm.”

    “My dear caretaker, I regret to inform you that I can’t get rid of our resident poltergeist. I suggest you see Madam Pomfrey about your nose. Good day! The Hall is looking wonderful, by the way,” he added as he walked back through the doors.

    An hour later, I sat in the Hospital Wing with a bandage on my nose, silently fuming. Sometimes it was hard being Argus Filch.

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    Winged Artemis


    Name: Hannah... errr, Winged Artemis.
    House: Ravenclaw! (GO TURNIPS!)
    Title: What Could Have Been
    Warnings: Uhm... Nope.
    Words: 387

    "Oh, Mum! Dad! It's wicked!"

    Harry Potter smiled, adding shreds of wrapping paper to the large pile that had allready collected on the wood floor.

    In his hands he held a long, slender broomstick in his hand. His dry palms ran over the handle, admiring the polished mahogany. The fine twigs were twisted together smoothly, and the tiny words engraved into the broom were glinting in the light.

    "You're welcome, darling." Lily Potter kissed her son's forehead. "I'm glad you like it."

    "We knew you would," James said, grinning. "You'll just have to make us feel it's worth it. My boy, on the team! I think you could get on it in first year, too, if we practiced hard. Make your father proud."

    "James! We'll love him anyway, no matter how good he is at Quidditch," Lily scolded.

    James shrugged. "Well, yes, but you know about Nimbuses... They're not just any broom."

    Lily and Harry laughed. Harry hugged his mum and dad in turn. "Thank you!"

    Lily smiled. "You're welcome, dear. I'm glad you liked the Cauldron Cakes. We weren't sure if you outgrew them yet." Her eyes strayed to a small, empty box lying on a chair, drips of chocolate coated inside.

    Harry grinned, his smile identical to the one his father had worn moments earlier. "Me? Outgrow Cauldron Cakes? Never! Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without those things."

    A loud beep erupted, and Lily ran into the kitchen. The waft of potatoes and thick scent of grease drifted into the living area.

    "Smells good!" James exclaimed, he and Harry making their way into the kitchen.

    "Yes, Mum, it looks fantastic," Harry added.

    The three sat down, as Lily kissed the forehead of a baby in a highchair next to the table.

    "Thank you for this food. For us. Together. All four of us. Thank God we're safe. And we will be - forever. No matter what happens," Lily whispered.

    "For ever," added James.

    "And ever!"

    James laughed heartily. He chopped off a slab of meat and threw it on Harry's plate.

    Harry Potter sat up quickly, his forehead sweaty. He looked around him, and saw only Ron, who was snoring loudly on his own bed. Sighing, he leaned back into his bed, heart pounding under the compact of longing for what could have been.

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    Sly Severus
    Name: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Christmas Without Him
    Warnings: Nope
    Words: 492

    Regulus Black rolled over in bed. It was Christmas morning, but he did not want to get up. He didn’t feel like celebrating. This would be his first Christmas without his big brother. He couldn’t imagine the holidays without Sirius’ antics and his mother’s scowling. What would they ever do without Sirius to “ruin” Christmas?

    He buried his head in his pillow and refused to move. To hell with Christmas, he thought to himself. He would just stay in bed and miss the whole day. His parents wouldn’t mind. As long as he behaved like the perfect pure-blood prince when he left the house they were happy. They didn’t care what he did when he was alone.

    There was a loud tapping on his window. He groaned. He didn’t want to move. Attempting to ignore the rapping, he rolled over again and put his pillow over his ears. It was no use. The noise was relentless. He had no choice; he would have to go to the window.

    Throwing opened the window, he glared at the small owl.

    “What do you want?” he snarled.

    The small bird flapped around his head, waiting for him to remove the letter tied to its foot. He obliged and the animal flew back into the early morning sky.

    Sitting on the edge of his bed, Regulus unfolded the parchment. Who would be sending him a letter? His friends weren’t the type to write letters.

    Staring at the words, he wasn’t sure rather he should laugh or cry. The letter was from the brother he had been missing. He read through the entire contents of his note.

    Merry Christmas, Little Brother,

    I am certain that you’re missing me today. Who wouldn’t be? Let’s face it; I’m the life of the party, especially when the party is full of boring, stuffy Blacks. However, I do not give you permission to mope. It’s Christmas Day. Get your butt downstairs and eat some turkey. I assure you, that’s what I’ll be doing. I’m having a great Christmas with the Potters.

    I want you to know that your big brother hasn’t forgotten you. You will be receiving your Christmas present once we return to Hogwarts. We wouldn’t want Mother and Father to see it. And I must warn you, handle with care.

    Now, on a more serious note, I’m worried about you. You are in a house of pariahs. I want you to enjoy the holidays, but don’t forget to watch your back. I’m not there anymore, so you have to learn to take care of yourself. The best advice I can give you is never listen to Mother, Father, or Bellatrix. Follow that simple rule and you should be fine.


    With a slight shake of his head, Regulus sat the letter aside and went downstairs. Somehow knowing that his brother was thinking about him made all the difference. He really would be able to have a Merry Christmas.
    Name: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Maybe Next Christmas
    Warnings: Nope
    Words: 240

    Christmas morning had arrived, and what a perfect morning it was. The snow was piled high in yard, and the crisp wind was just cold enough to remind everyone of the holiday season. But to one little boy, none of it made any difference.

    Unlike all the other children in his Muggle neighbourhood, young Harry Potter did not care that it was Christmas. At ten years of age, he did not care about the holidays. He did not rush out of his bed and run for his toys. He did not look forward to spending a happy day with his loving family. For Harry, there were no toys and there was no loving family.

    He rolled over in his lumpy bed. He could hear the pounding footsteps of his cousin rushing down the stairs. Dudley would have a good Christmas. He would have tons of presents, while Harry sat on the sidelines and watched. He was an outsider in his own family—unwelcome and unwanted.

    He could hear the Dursleys gathering in the living room to open presents. There was no surprise when none of them asked where Harry was. None of them cared.

    Harry refused to force his presence on his family. He remained in bed and dreamed about next Christmas. Maybe the next year would be different. Maybe he would learn that he had other family—family that wanted him. Maybe next Christmas he wouldn’t be so alone.

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    Name: AurorGirl101
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: The Tree
    Warnings: None
    Words: 156

    "How about this one?" Harry asked.

    "Too spacey on the bottom," Ginny replied.

    The two had been in the woods behind the Burrow looking for a Christmas tree for over an hour now. Each one Harry liked, Ginny hated.

    "Can we just pick one, please?" Harry pleaded.

    "No, we can't just pick one," Ginny scolded. Harry sighed deeply and leaned against an unsuspecting tree.

    "Oh, my goodness! Harry, that's it!" Ginny exclaimed. She turned around and saw Harry on the ground, laughing.

    "What's so funny?" Ginny asked, laughing quietly.

    "When you said, 'Oh, my goodness'," here, Harry put his hands in the air and doned a high pitched voice, cleary doing a horrible imitation of Ginny, "you scared me and I jumped and tripped on this branch and fell flat on my bum!" he answered between laughing fits.

    "Well, when you get up, you can get this tree and bring it back to the house." Ginny said, turning on her heel and stomping away.
    Name: AurorGirl101
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Women

    Harry had finally gotten up off his bum and brought the tree inside. He struggled, as the tree had almost fallen on top of him. Harry came inside and found Ginny on the couch.

    "I brought all the Christmas tree decorations down, so now you can decorate it. I'm going to make lunch." and with that, she was gone. Leaving Harry to fend for himself.

    'How in the world do you decorate a tree?'

    Harry thought he was doing well, he picked blue lights, and blue decorations, even the wizard on top of the tree had blue robes on. He thought he'd done a pretty good job, until Ginny came back.

    "What in the bloody wizarding world did you do to the tree?!"

    "I picked a color and stuck with it!" Harry said.

    "It's not supposed to one color! It's supposed to be a bunch of different colors!" Ginny yelled at him.

    "Well how was I supposed to know? I've never decorated a tree!" Harry yelled back.

    "Fix it!" Ginny said, turning on her heel and walking away.

    Harry sighed and rolled his eyes.


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    Name: moonymaniac
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Finding Peace
    Warnings: None
    Words: 499 *phew*

    Icy branches creaked in the biting wind. Glittering snow crunched underfoot. The distant sounds of merriment drifted across the pristine fields as carolers serenaded for the first time in years, reveling in the restored peace on earth.

    But for Remus Lupin, there was little peace and no joy. His happiness had been part of the price for saving the wizarding world. He wished he could say it had been worth it, but he wasn’t sure it had. He missed them desperately, the only true friends he had ever known. Salty tears cut a warm trail down his cheeks. Nearly two months now

    He had been invited to a party with what was left of the Order, but he couldn’t bear that. Perhaps it would have been good for him, spending the evening with the only people on earth who came close to understanding and sharing his loss, but he just couldn’t stand the haunted looks or the pity with which they looked upon him.

    So he walked, trying to escape the sorrow, searching for something, anything to ease the pain, hoping the bitter cold could numb the aching hole in his heart. And he walked…

    The soft peeling of bells drew his attention and he looked up at a small village before him. At its center stood a small church. Moonlight glinted off of the bell swinging in the steeple. Colored light glowed from behind the stained glass, reflecting off of the snow covered ground, warm and inviting. He felt drawn to it.

    He wandered up the salted walk to the crèche. Looking down at the statues, he couldn’t help but think of another family, another baby…

    “Why?” his voice broke. “What happened to peace on earth?”

    He fell to his knees and wept, overcome by grief and unaware of the people passing. Then, the voice of a child crossed the yard.

    “Mum, that man is crying.”

    Shhh…it’s none of your business.”

    “But it’s Christmas; he shouldn’t be sad,” the child’s voice rung with innocence.

    He looked up at the child’s bright face and his mind filled with sounds of other children, laughing and gleeful; images of children playing, oblivious to the terror gripping the adults in their world; the young and hopeful faces of his friends…

    But there was evil in the world and it had stolen them from him. One had gone willingly, for reasons he knew he would never understand.

    But the others had fought…and won, defeating evil with love. Love so great it gives a man the courage to stand against overwhelming power; love so fierce that a mother willingly trades her life for that of her child…

    He looked at the babe lying in the manger. The mind-boggling love of a father, that he would give his only son…

    And then he knew. It had been for the good, the innocent, the children…and something bigger than himself.

    He had found what he was looking for. Peace was found in the promise of hope.

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    Name: BleedINink aka Nik
    Title:Merry Christmas, Daddy!
    Words: 411

    Merry Christmas, Daddy!

    Lily Potter was a flurry of activity. It was Christmas Eve and she wanted everything to be perfect. She had a surprise for her husband, James. He is going to love this Lily thought as she levitated her favorite ornaments, crystal blown fairies, to their places on the tree. The tree was large, lush, and green and smelled of Evergreen. Just as she put the last crystal fairy on the tree there was a loud banging in the front of the house.

    “Lily, darling, I am home,” James called. Lily’s heart began pounding in her chest, just like every time he came home. How could I have ever thought I hated him?

    James looked at the tree and smiled brightly. “You missed something,” he said. Lily whipped around, how could she have missed something, everything was supposed to be perfect. “There’s no star on top.”

    Lily breathed a sigh of relief, “Of course not, that’s your job. I didn’t want to take that from you.”

    James kissed the top of his wife head. God, how he loved her. With his arms still around Lily he lazily made the ornate gold star float to the top of the tree. “There, finished,” he said. “Now it is perfect.”

    Lily grinned. “I thought this year we would each open one gift tonight and the rest tomorrow.”

    James’ whole faced brightened like the little kid he was deep down inside. “Do we get to pick our own?” he asked with excitement.

    “No, I already picked out the one I want you to open.” James smile fell just slightly as Lily pulled out a small square box that looked suspiciously like a bracelet box.

    “Rats, I was going for the big one in the corner, but I guess that works.” James then rummaged through the stack to pick out the one he wanted Lily to open. With a wicked grinned he held out the box Sirius had helped him pick out. Christmas Eve was going to be fun.

    “You first,” Lily said in a voice slightly high than her own. James raised his eyebrow before taking the box in her out stretched hand. He tore the silver wrapping to find a plain white box. At Lily’s urging he lifted the lid to find a white stick with a blue line one it.

    “What is this?” he asked.

    “Well, it’s a pregnancy test. And James, blue means…”

    “We’re pregnant?!”

    Lily grinned, “Merry Christmas, Daddy.”

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    Name: atkarid
    House: Hufflepuff!
    Title: A Perfect Christmas
    Warnings: None
    Words: 250

    Albus Dumbledore stared at the foot of his bed, not moving, not talking, but just staring.

    There were heaps and heaps of presents. The mountain was so high, that the gifts had almost reached the ceiling. The huge clash of shiny gold, red, blue, green, and various patterns would have hurt any normal person’s eye, but Dumbledore just kept staring.

    It wasn’t as if he would always cherish this day. Every Christmas was the same: an enormous pile of presents that were all books. Books on him, books on Hogwarts, books on plants, and potions, and practical jokes. But they were all books. Just books.

    Dumbledore sighed, and took a lemon drop from his bedside table. He popped it in his mouth, waved his wand, and the presents started unwrapping. Slightly amused, he watched as each present flew by him.

    A book on Muggle inventions, a book on Diagon Alley, a book on secret passages, an encyclopedia of magical creatures; they all passed Dumbledore, and he dismissed them all. After going through about 40 presents, a true gift was finally found.

    A pair of fuzzy blue socks was nestled in a small box, and Dumbledore picked them up. Fuzzy and blue, just like he had wanted, the socks were the right size and shape. He searched around to find who the sender was, but unfortunately, there was no note. Slightly saddened, Dumbledore put the socks on, and watched the rest of the presents go by.

    It was the perfect Christmas.

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