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Thread: Sirius/OC Romance (Marauder Era)

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    Sirius/OC Romance (Marauder Era)

    I'm looking to read a good Sirius/OC Romance. I'd also prefer a Marauder Era fic, so Sirius while in the later years of school. I tried to sift through the Romance category, but there were too many to search through so I gave up. Has anyone read a good Sirius Romance with a strong enough OC to keep up with him? Thanks in advance!

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    If you're looking for a story where the focus is on the Sirius/OC romance, I can definitely recommend Kickin' It at the Top by Soap. It's a long chaptered story and finished. It disregards DH, but it has a very canon-y feel to it, even if there are flaws. You will find the odd cliché, but what really stands out here - and this is why I think that the story will appeal to you regardless of any flaws - is the very strong female OC. She's one of the best OCs I've read so far; she's strong, yet comes across as believable, and she really is one of the main characters here. You should definitely give it a try!
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    I know of something which is exactly what you seem to want.

    What They Couldn't Take by fg_weasley. Nikki is an amazing writer and her OC's are always incredibly strong. I love this fic so hopefully you will as well!

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    Thankgs guys! I'm going to check out these stories right away!

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