Hello everyone! I'm here because I am too lazy to search through the HP books at the moment.

I was wondering...what's in a portrait? I know that they talk and think, so based on that knowledge, I wrote this little bit right down there. So if they can think, then do they have minds? They're enchanted to reflect what the real person would say and do, right? Can you legilimens a portrait? Maybe the mind in the canvas would be sort of paper or blurry or paint-y...or am I just saying something completely stupid.

"He focused in on the painted blue eyes and in his mind, they seemed to get closer and closer, anytime he would hit the canvas—he didn’t. He zoomed in and through the eyes, into the painting’s mind. He looked at what was floating on the top of Dumbledore’s mind in fascination. Dumbledore was worried about Voldemort being in his castle, for one, and he was also burning with curiosity about..."
Tis all I wanted to know: What's in a Portrait.

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