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Thread: Sarah's Back and Available!

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    Hey Sarah! I need a Beta for a next-gen chaptered fic. I require someone who could keep my plot in line (seeing it includes a pretty complicated mystery) and you seem perfect for it. Plus, I have written a story which is kind of a prequel to this one, but my Beta for that one does not do slash (which, though not a warning, may form a tiny element in this story. I'm not very sure YET, though) So please let me know if you can do it:

    UserName/Preferred Name: Ginny Weasley Potter/ Pooja
    Story: Transcendent Affection
    Genre: Next-Gen
    Ships: Rose/Scorpius, Albus/OC
    Rating and Warnings: 6th-7th years, warnings will be for substance abuse, character death, DH 7 spoilers, violence, strong profanity, sexual situations and MAY BE slash (I'm not yet sure about that part, but it definitely isn't going to be a ship or an important part of the story even if I include it.)
    Expected/Word Count: 800 for the Prologue. The chapters can range anywhere between 1500 and 3000 words
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Permanent Y/N: Yes
    First or Second beta: First Beta

    Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, Albus Potter and Brianna Flynn, after a very eventful fifth year at Hogwarts enter their sixth year, hoping to have a peaceful time at last. However, their hopes remain just hopes, as new, strange events start occurring at Hogwarts, putting all their lives in danger. A dangerous game begins and once again, trust and faith are shaken at their very roots.

    Will they escape again this time? Will they come out of it unharmed? Not everyone is lucky every time, after all. And this could just be one of those unlucky times where guilt conquers innocence…
    The prequel to this is called 'Black With a Hint of Red'. You do not have to read the fic for this, but if you want, I can just give you a short explanation of the events in that fic. The link to it is on the banner in my siggie. I do hope you can do this one. If not, though, it's fine with me.

    Thank you!
    ~ Pooja

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    Hey pooja, I would love to do this for you! A PM is on the way

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    Simply Being
    Hello! I'm Danielle, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in my drabble-turned-one-shot.

    UserName/Preferred Name: Danielle/Simply Being
    Story: Padfoot's Revenge
    Genre: AU, I think
    Ships: None
    Rating and Warnings: Hmmm...2nd-3rd years? It includes character death.
    Expected/Word Count: A little over 1,000
    One Shot or Chaptered: One shot
    Permanent Y/N: Just a one shot
    First or Second beta: First
    Summary: In the SBBC we had a "Literary Drabble Challenge". Basically, we picked a classic work of fiction and applied it to the HP universe. I used The Count of Monte Cristo and Sirius Black. You can read the original drabble here. When I originally wrote it, the fic was over 1,000 words and I cut it down to fit the word limit. I'd like to take the original version and get it fit for the archives!

    Hope you can take my request,

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    Hi, I need a Beta for an AU Marauder fic and I was wondering if you'd be interested. The thing is, this is a prequel to another fic I'm writing as I thought you needed to know the character a bit better as she is an OC. If you like you can be the Beta for both of the fics but of course it depends on how much you like the prequel! It may seem a bit slow (something I need a bit of help with) but I assure you the sequel to it contains much more action! Of course if you feel you don't want to Beta this I understand!

    UserName/Preferred Name: On the Boards Im Crazy717 and on MNFF I am phoenix_tearPatronus but Abi is fine
    Story: Hasn't got a title yet.
    Genre: AU
    Ships: None
    Rating and Warnings: 2-3 years (later chapters get a bit darker)
    Expected/Word Count: First chapters nearing 1000 but it may be longer
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Permanent Y/N: Yes please
    First or Second beta: First
    Sophia Potter was furious when her parents decided to send her to the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic while her twin brother James went to Hogwarts. See Sophia as she struggles to adapt to a foreign country, make new friends and be away from her twin for the first time in eleven years.
    Yeah, I'm still working on it

    Again if you feel like you can't Beta this I understand but it would be awesome if you could!


    This gorgeous banner is by TM_WandStick/Toni =)

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    Hey Abi, a PM is on the way!

    Thanks for choosing me, I love Marauder stories


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    Hello, are you still available?

    UserName/Preferred Name: Psijupiter
    Story: What It Is Like In Words
    Genre: Gen/Post-Hogwarts
    Ships: All canon ships, plus sort-of Harry/Draco
    Rating and Warnings: Currently 1st-2nd years, no warnings
    Expected/Word Count: Currently 5,000, expected... maybe 8,000?
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Permanent Y/N: See how it goes?
    First or Second beta: First
    Summary: Okay, this fic is a little odd and I don't really know what I'm doing and yet I have 5,000 words (and some of them might even readable!) My best summary attempt: The first year after the war, Harry takes a year out to decide what he wants to do with his life.

    Anyway, I would love your help and expertise if you are interested. Thanks!

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    First off, I am IN LOVE with your banner. So in love.

    Secondly, yes I will beta PM is on the way.

    Sorry for the delay

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    You're still available, right? Anyway, this is my FIRST fic! I need a beta for a next-gen fic about Dudley Dursley's daughter going to Hogwarts.
    UserName/Preferred Name: Essence_of_Lily (or without them on the fan fiction page) or Janine
    Story: A Dursley at Hogwarts
    Genre: Next-Gen
    Ships: Dudley/OC
    Rating and Warnings: 1st-2nd years
    Expected/Word Count: dunno about this one. Currently, it's very short, since I just started, but it'll be longer.
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Permanent Y/N: yup
    First or Second beta: First beta

    Holly and Ivy are the beautiful twins of Dudley Dursley. At the height of their childhood, they are both popular and smart. Follow the journey of one of the twins as she discovers Hogwarts and her parents' dark pasts. But first, she must reconcile he family with the fact that she is a witch.

    It's not that good right now...but I'll fix it later

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    I was originally going to say I'm unavailable for chapter stories, but I need to read this one! Dudley's daughter in Hogwarts sounds awesome.

    So, yes, a PM shall be sent shortly

    I am now Unavailable

    Weekly Drabbles are always welcomed though!


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