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Thread: Sarah's Back and Available!

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    I've already sent you my email

    To everyone else, I'm very, very, very AVAILABLE


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    UserName/Preferred Name: GinervaPotter213 - call me Ayra
    Story: Death Cannot Stop True Love (but I'm open to any suggestions)
    Genre: Other Pairing
    Ships: George/Angelina
    Rating and Warnings: 3rd-5th years; Character Death
    Expected/Word Count: right now it's about 1600
    One Shot or Chaptered: depends - that's actually one thing I'd like your advice on. Should I leave it as is or make it longer?
    Permanent Y/N: Y
    First or Second beta: first
    Summary: It's basically The Princess Bride but told in Potter characters. What I'd like help with is (EVERYTHING! :] ) plot - should it remain a one shot? - and characterisation.
    I actually wrote it originally for a drabble prompt in the SBBC, but the word limit was 800 words, so I had to cut my story in half. If you want to see it, the 800 word version is here.

    Thanks :]

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    Hi Sarah. This is my entry for the character clinic triathalon, round three. Interested?

    UserName: WeasleyMom (Lori)
    Story: (no title yet--help!)
    Genre: next gen
    Ships: none
    Rating and Warnings: 3-5
    Word Count: about 5000
    One Shot or Chaptered: one-shot
    Expected Beta Time: maybe 5-7 days? I've got till the end of May, but will need time to rework it with your suggestions and get it in the queue...
    Permanent Y/N: just this one, for now
    Summary: Round three of the CCT is original characters, and I chose the prompt about how my character spent a summer day. Kenley Allen is bored, and goes into Diagon Alley with her stepfather. Things ensue.

    I will need technical corrections, of course. But I'm interested in characterization, too, and just flow and plot and all of that. I've never written an OC before... help!

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    Hey Lori

    of course I will do this for you! I love OC's Can't wait to read it!

    For everyone else, I'm still extremely AVAILABLE

    Happy Writing Everyone!


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    Hi, Sarah. I need major help with my entry for the May Monthly drabble challenge, the Seeing Double Challenge. It's really frusturating me. The prompt is here. I need to have it done by June 1st.

    UserName/Preferred Name: TM_WandStick
    Story: Is He Dead? (definitely open to suggestions)
    Genre: general
    Ships: none
    Rating and Warnings:1st/2nd yrs, none
    Expected/Word Count: The first one is 201, the second 308
    One Shot or Chaptered: drabble!
    First or Second beta: first
    Summary: It takes place during the Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor Quidditch match in Harry's third year. It's the match where Harry falls off his broomstick because a bunch of dementors swarm onto the pitch. The drabbles are from the point of view of Cedric and Professor McGonagall.

    So, like I said before, my entry is really horrible right now. I hope you can help!


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    Hey Toni, I'd love to take this one for you!

    To everyone else, I will only be accepting challenge drabbles at the moment as my work schedule is really tight this week!

    There's still some time for the OC challenge, so I will also be accepting those for anyone in need of a beta!

    Happy writing every one!


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    Sarah! Sarah! Would you be able to beta my drabble for the TTB weekly? It's due in tomorrow.

    UserName/Preferred Name: Sarah/Sapphire at Dawn
    Story: Not Worthy
    Genre: general
    Ships: Pansy/Draco
    Rating and Warnings:1st/2nd yrs, none
    Expected/Word Count: It's 500 words and boy was it hard to cut down to that!
    One Shot or Chaptered: drabble!
    First or Second beta: first
    Summary: Err, it doesn't really need one, but it's set in their sixth year when Draco's trying to fix the Vanishing Cabinet. The stress is getting to him and he's aggrivated and snaps at her.

    Sarah x

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    Sarahs Back and Available

    Fltcpt is out of town at the moment and without internet access.
    nIm not quite sure where Soren is at but I suspect hell be back in a while.
    nNeither has been banned or anything of the sort.

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    UserName/Preferred Name: My username is Sas__x but I prefer Sarah.
    Story: Well, it's not got a title yet. That's something I need help with.
    Genre: Next Generation
    Ships: Lily/Scorpius
    Rating and Warnings: 3rd-5th years, some profanties and maybe the teeniset sexual situations.
    Expected/Word Count: I don't know, about twenty chapters with around 2000- 3000 words.
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Permanent Y/N:Yes, for the whole fic.
    First or Second beta: First and only
    Summary: Well it's set in Lily's fifth year. It is Lily/Scorpius but it isn't overly romance filled. Awk, it's very hard to explain! Really, my plan was to write the first chapter to see if I could do it. I'm nearly finished and once I am, I'm going to seriously look at the plot.

    Please help me!

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    Hey Sarah!

    WOW, I can't believe you found my thread :P I haven't been on the boards in almost half a year, so I'm sure it must have been quite a few pages down!

    Although I took a break from the boards, I would be more than happy to do this for you! I've been really craving some good HP related beta'ing lately!

    I'll inbox you my email and we can take it from there!

    Thanks so much,


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