Very Available!

Welcome to my first PI-accredited beta page! I'm really excited to be getting back into beta'ing, I have a lot of fun doing it and it keeps be sharp and alert with my own writing! So not only will I be helping you, but you'll be helping me too So if you have anything at all to be looked at, I'm the one for you!

Username: TheCursedQuill/Sarah

Genre: I'll take on any genre!

Ships: I will do anything EXCEPT student/professor.

Rating and Warnings: Any rating and warning.

One Shot or Chaptered: I am accepting both at the moment.

Turn Around Time/Availability:
Drabble - 1-3 days

One-Shot - 2-5 days

I beta chaptered fics one chapter at a time and will send each one back within 2-5 days. You can decide whether you want to send me a bunch of chapters at once, or go one by one, but keep in mind if you send many chapters at once you will only be returned one chapter roughly every week.

Contest Submissions close to the deadline will take priority! Please state whether or not your fic is for a contest (this includes weekly drabbles) and when the contest closes.

Permanent Y/N: It's up to you! If you would like me to only beta one chapter of your fic, that's fine, or if you'd like to keep me around for the entire fic, that's good also!

Strengths: Dialogue, Apostrophes, Characterization with both OC's (I look for Mary-Sue's/Stu's) and OOCness. I'm good with comma problems, but I'm not a master of them. I also comment on plot and awkward sentances.

Weaknesses: Though I do believe my grammar is good, it's not the best. There is always room for improvement and I try to learn something new everyday!

Style: I use track changes and/or colour changes. I like to work close with my authors so expect lots of emails and please ask any questions as to why I did a certain thing, or just general plot help questions and the like!

Method of Contact: You can request for a story to be beta'd here, and upon accepting I will PM you with my email. It is up to you whether you want to stay in contact through email or PM's, I check both inboxes everyday! I also have AIM and if you wish to speak with me that way, we can work out a time!

Other Information/Qualifications: PI:5604525794. I am currently studying English and Religion in University, so I know a little about different cultures around the world. I took a Grammar and Marauder's class the term before last so can help you with that era as well! As an ex-SPEWer I will look at your stories in the viewpoint of a reviewer/critic which I think could be very helpful. I'm looking forward to reading your stories, so please request!

Please use this form to request! Note that I have asked whether I am a first or second beta! You may wish to use another beta, as two is always better than one, but please state if this is your case or if I will be the only beta.

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Hope to hear from you,