So who do you prefer to review, and why?

Before SPEW, I used to prefer reviewing friends, because I was really only reviewing to encourage. Any concrit thrown in was given because I couldn't stop myself, , and I always worried it would be taken the wrong way. Now that I'm a SPEWling, I'll review anyone and not worry as long as there's some constructive praise offsetting the criticism.

Does the fact that you know the person you're reviewing affect your criticism?

Yes, I try my hardest to phrase concrit in a way that shows I'm doing it to be helpful, not to be Ms. Picky Pointer-Outer.

Do you tend to be less professional when reviewing friends, or do you maintain your SPEWly professionalism no matter who it is?

One of the authors I reviewed this month is someone who has given me very nice reviews, so I could have overlooked a couple of areas in her story, but instead I brought them up--in the nicest way possible.