Hello everyone, and here we go with round one of the triathlon.

Now, let's take quill and parchment and get inspired! Your prompts are:

1) Your chosen character finds itself in a situation where he/she faces his/her deepest fear. What is it? How does he/she handle the situation? Do they fight or succumb to it?

2) Your chosen character is newly in love and about to experience his/her first kiss. What does he/she feel? What is the kiss like?

3) In a few days, your chosen character has to take exams. How does he/she deal with the stress? Is he/she well prepared, or does he/she try with last-minute revisions?

4) Itís the summer holidays. How does your chosen character spend the day? What adventures are lurking just outside the door?

5) Your chosen character lost a loved person. How does he/she deal with the loss? What does he/she feel?

Please post your validated story links below by using the format:

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For general facts, rules and questions, please head over to this thread.

Have fun!