Ari, as far as I know, there's no "prohibition" to have banners in your biographies. Back when the site was hacked into and had to be "restarted" (kind of), the result was that visible banners in the bios like in those old bios you've seen was no longer possible technically. If the old bios were to be edited nowadays, I think the users would lose their banners. Also, with the way the site is set up right now, you can't save your bio if you put in a banner. If you like to link to banners, that's possible; I've done so (you can access my author page through my signature to have a look). But to have the banners visible right away, that's technically no longer working.

Ari and Morgan, we've had issues with the favourites for some time already. I'll poke the admins again about it. For the meanwhile, sorry for the inconvenience.

Morgan, did you try deleting all cookies? That's often helping when my connection fails (and it does so quite often recently). Otherwise it might be a glitch, but I can't say for sure as I don't have the necessary technical knowledge. Sorry.

Sarah: Do you want to rewrite the one-shot, too? Then you would need to delete the story and resubmit the new chapter anyway. Of course, then you can't have the tag for the challenge anymore anyway, as it's over and judged. However, you still have chapter notes at your disposal. If you so want, you can write there that this chapter (the first one) was originally written for the challenge xy. Even if you left the one-shot unchanged and only added new chapters to the story, then - if I were you - I would consider moving the tag from the summary to the chapter notes of chapter one. Hope that helps.