Madam Pomfreyís One-Shot Triathlon

Hello and welcome to the Character Clinic One-Shot Triathlon, running from 1st March to 31st May.

The triathlon is Ė like the name already suggests Ė divided into three parts. The first part, running throughout March, will be about major characters, the second part, running throughout April, focuses on minor characters, and the final part, running throughout May, will be about original characters.

What does the triathlon entail?

At the beginning of a month, Iím going to post a couple of prompts/situations to hopefully inspire you. You then pick one character and write a one-shot for one of the prompts/situations. You can use any character you like, but the character must fit into the parts, meaning in round one, you canít write about Susan Bones as she clearly is a minor character, or when we are in round three, you cannot write about Harry Potter as he isnít an original character. If you are unsure whether your chosen character is a major or minor character, take a look into the respective subforums. If you donít find a thread on your chosen character, donít hesitate to ask.

You donít need to have a thread for your original character in the Character Clinic, but I encourage you to have one because the comments and questions from fellow members will help you develop your OC into a believable character.

Participation is free for everyone, and no one has to do all three parts, unless you want to. If you donít feel like doing round one, but round two and three, go ahead.


+ For each round, you may enter as many one-shots as you like.

+ You may ONLY enter one-shots. No chaptered stories are allowed.

+ All stories must have at least 1,500 words.

+ You MUST include your House and forum name in the SUMMARY of your story. You also need to state that your story is for the Character Clinic Triathlon.

+ Stories are to be submitted into the most suitable category (e.g. if you write about Scorpius Malfoy, then your one-shot probably belongs into Next-Gen or Other Pairings).

+ All standard MNFF rules apply. You must include appropriate warnings, use correct grammar etc, etc.

+ You may use a beta. (I beg that you use a beta.)

There will be five points awarded per participant per round, meaning if e.g. Equinox Chick decides to write two stories for round one and one for round three, she will receive five points for round one and five points for round three.

Each round will have two finalists. First and second place for each round will receive 15 and 10 points respectively. The overall winner will receive 20 points.

Submissions for round one open on the 1st March and close on 31st March. Submissions for round two open on the 1st April and close on 30th April. Submissions for round three open on the 1st May and close on 31st May. Any later submissions wonít count into the roundís judging progress.

Any questions, ask them here. Otherwise, have fun.