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Thread: Please Read Before You Post! (For Requesters and Bannermakers Alike)

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    Please Read Before You Post! (For Requesters and Bannermakers Alike)

    Requesting in this forum means that you are giving up your right to request banners from certain BA rankings or members. If you would like to request a banner from a specific BA member, please go to THIS forum and post in his or her thread.

    Rules for Posting Requests in this Forum:

    1) Please follow all MNFF rules. Respect and politeness are key. Also, netspeak will NOT be tolerated.

    2) Specify the type of banner you want--may it be an author page banner, a character/pairing banner, or a story banner. Only stories that are up on MNFF or are in the queue may receive banners. Banners are meant to advertise and promote the works of worthy authors. Therefore, please do not request a story banner for plot bunny that you haven't even started to write. Please scroll down if you are requesting a story banner.

    3) Please post with a fully thought-out idea. Let the bannermakers know what they're getting into. Please include ships, characters, time periods, and any sort of information that would be pertinent to your banner.

    4) Remember! We cannot create certain scenes out of thin air! We work with already-made images. And while bannermaking requires a certain degree of manipulation, most bannermakers do not have the resources or time to do anything too far beyond the norm.

    5) If someone has made you a banner for the same subject/story before, please explain why you need a new one, and/or make sure you have the original designer's permission.

    6) Let the bannermakers know what you might do in exchange. Most love reviews, or just a kind word or two. Credit is a must. If your designer is a BA member, a note over in their BA Member thread about their work would be really nice.

    7) Make a note for a mod to CLOSE YOUR THREAD when your request has been filled.

    Requesting a Story Banner:

    Please fill out the following form for the Bannermakers to use:

    Title of your Story:
    Author Name: (If you'd like it on the banner)
    Catch phrase: (Only if you’d like one, of course)
    Overall look of the banner: (i.e. colors, images)
    Fonts: (i.e. specific name of font or a general idea)
    Characters: (Specific Characters in the banner? If so, would you like movie characters or images of your choosing or my choosing)
    Story Summary: (So we can get a feel of your story, a link would be peachy as well)
    Banner size: (So it fits in with the rest of your signature; may not exceed 300x500px)
    Have You Requested This Banner Before?:
    Anything else?
    Please remember that all final touches will be at the designer's discretion. While a bannermaker will try their best to stay true to your specifications and story, in the end, some things just work out better graphically in a certain way, and they will make changes as they see fit.

    When responding to a request:

    You do not have to be a BA member to a respond to a request. Nor do you have to be of any particular ranking. However, if you ARE ranked, please note this and which rank you currently hold.

    It is perfectly acceptable to require more information from a requester.

    And responders, I want to thank you right now for doing this. It's not the easiest venue for your designing talents, but it certainly may help you on your way to becoming a better designer. Good luck!
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    Exclamation Addendum

    There is now a new rule added to this list as of September 1st. Please do not request banners which exceed the banner size limit of MNFF. The size limit is 500 px in width, and 300 px in height. Anything over this size should not be requested. Thank you!

    The Pixel Court

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    Q: If two bannermakers respond to my request, can I accept both of them?
    A: The first responder gets first dibs on designing the banner. The requester may, politely, chose one over the other. Duplicate banners are not accepted unless both bannermakers are aware they are both fulfilling the same request.

    Q: Can I accept requests or request through Private Messaging?
    A: If you [a bannermaker] see a banner requests thread, you may contact the requester personally though PM, but you must also post a response in the requester's thread. This is to let other bannermakers now you were the first to respond to the request. There would be too much confusion if different banermakers applied to do the banner through either the thread or through PMing.

    If you [a requester] want to contact a specific bannermaker, please request them in their threads.

    What is the policy on multiple requests?
    A: Multiple requests is the term used when a person requests the same banner to multiple people. This is NOT allowed unless you have proof of permission from all the bannermakers. Most bannermakers in the BA are against multiple requests, so it'sbetter if you search for just one bannermaker.

    Q: What is hotlinking?
    A: A bannermaker uploads a graphic on an image hosting site (ie. and the site assigns a link/URL to the graphic so it can be posted on different websites. When someone else uses that link, it is hotlinking. Whether hotlinking is permitted is on a bannermaker-to-bannermaker basis. Hotlinking is generally frowned upon because it uses up the bannermaker's photobucket memory space.

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    Threads will be deleted after one month of inactiveness to keep clutterness to a minimum.

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