Having done a lot of reading of Tim's Dieter story, I have done a lot of thinking about Europe, which means thinking about Switzerland.

Switzland's main languages are French and German. Do you think Switzerland has it's own magic school, or do you think French-speaking students go to Beauxbatons, while German-speaking students go to a German speaking schools?

Also, branching off on other topics, how many schools do you think there are in France? Is it just Beauxbatons, or do you think there are others? Maybe Beauxbatons is just for French national students, while there is some other international school in Europe (like Durmstrang) that takes French-speaking students from all over the world.?

Also, France still has a great deal of territories all over the world. Countries where populations might not be big enough to have their own schools (French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe). Do you think France would take responsibility for these students, or just allow them to go to schools in other countries that would be closer?

Do you think other countries in Europe might have similar policies?