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Thread: Sad Draco Story In Need of Loving Author

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    Sad Draco Story In Need of Loving Author

    Characters involved: Draco, Harry, Astoria, Malfoy children, and grandchildren.
    Mood of plot bunny: Very sad, but light.
    Plot line: Draco's death.
    Other details:

    Begins with Draco approaching Harry's gravestone. He's aged anywhere from 90-120, however old you see fit for Draco to die. It's been a month since Harry's death, and Draco has, only because Harry's dead, allowed himself to say what he wanted to say since Harry died. Thank-you, perhaps an apology, among other things.

    He approaches the grave with the preface, "If I die, I do not want to see you in the afterlife. You will never repeat what I've said to me. I'm saying it because you're dead, and that's the only reason."

    He confesses what he really thought of Harry after the war. That Harry changed the world for the better, that his children and grandchildren knew his name and respected it. I had a side-dialog going about how Draco's youngest daughter was so inspired by Harry that it was as if she were his daughter, instead of Draco's (and Draco couldn't resent him, because Harry was, he never admitted aloud, a better role model than himself). An excerpt from my attempt at this...

    Tears, he knew, would be no different; if they were going to come, they would come, though he was almost certain he felt no sorrow at the moment. Shame, for not having the courage to face the man alive; pity, for the rest of the world who lost their hero; anger that it had taken the stubborn bastard so long to die, but no sorrow.

    Draco's rather irritated that Harry forced him to wait 80-some years before he could say 'thank you'.

    Now, the twist. Amidst all of Draco's talking to the headstone, another conversation begins. This one, between Astoria and their grandchild. They're discussing how Draco is not going to make it.

    Harry appears on the gravestone. He tells Draco that he can't stand to listen to it again, and that, for Draco's sake, he will stop Draco before the apologies begin.

    What's going on? Draco's dying. The entire graveyard scene is in his head, a scene that Draco's repeated for a year, since [insert illness] began.

    It should end with Draco's death.

    The theme in all of this is, the one I imagined anyway, is the new world that Harry created. The central conversation that I saw was about how Harry changed the entire world, but the effects it had on every person were more profound than he might have known. Draco admits that he strove to be better because Harry proved that it could be done; that any evil, small or large, can be defeated. You can totally ignore this; it's up to you.

    I would really enjoy it, too, if his death was made dignified. If he accepted it as Harry did in the forest; with his head held high, and no reservations or fears.

    -gives bunny one last hug-

    I've been holding on to him for a year.

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    I don't usually pick up other people's plot bunnies, but this one is kind of interesting.

    Let me think about it. No promises. If someone else is interested, feel free to jump in and take it.

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    This is a rather awesome plot. I have never picked up a bunny before. Currently, I am doing a challenge, but I might like to do this after (or even now, if the words hit me while at work). ^_^

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    Oh, this sounds right up my alley! It seems very popular, though so I totally understand if the people who posted before me want to do it.


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    Inverarity, Liandrin, could you decide whether or not your want it? Apruva seems to be sure, and I'd love to see this written.


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    I doubt I would get to it, so I am happy to let Apurva have it.

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