I was wondering if it was possible to add another response function to the reviews page. There have been several occasions where I leave a review, the author responds, and I would like to respond back to what they have said.

I participate in another site that does this, and it is very neat. It encourages a lot more personal dialogue between an author and his/her readers. I think the site uses different software, though, so it may not be possible on our archive (and it probably would take up more server space if people abused it.)

And before you roll your eyes, I realize a reader can just email or PM the author if they really want to. I have done so several times. But unless you know the author, it could come off as a bit stalkerish, so I just wanted to bring up the idea of another response option.

Also, I like the idea put forward previously of being able to edit and or preview reviews, although I realize that might be limited by the software as well.