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Thread: James/Remus dynamics, Slash or otherwise

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    James/Remus dynamics, Slash or otherwise


    I'm looking for any recommendations you could give of a story you think has captured James and Remus dynamics escpecially well. It could be a Marauder Era story or from the SSP category, I dont mind. I'm looking for something besides all the Marauders interacting as a bunch. Much like the story, Look After You by Dory_the_fishie, but with focus on James and Remus. Excerpts or in-between chapters would do. Also, if you have read something off-site, I'd love if you could drop the name via PM.

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    Hi! I noticed you were looking for fics that explore the James/Remus dynamic a couple months back, but the search didn't seem to yield results. I've read a few (and am adept at a quick Google search) on places other that MNFF so naturally I have to PM you with the links. I really only know of slash ones. I find it's harder to find gen that explores a certain relationship versus finding a shippy fic.

    First up, The Literal Game by Sam Vimes (copperbadge) He's the guy that wrote Stealing Harry and many other very good fics. I think the whole fandom knows he's a terrific writer.

    Seven Scenarios in Which Remus Lupin and James Potter Might Have Shagged. Scenario 1: Sirius Black, Against All Odds, Is Straight by snegurochka_lee Just like Sam Vimes, this author is always worth a read. I'm especially a fan of her for the handful of genfic she's written (which isn't much compared to everything else she's done), but this is very good as well. The other seven scenarios, unfortunately, haven't come to fruition yet.

    When searching for fics, one of my first stops is the Crack Broom on LJ. There have been a couple people who recced Remus/James in the past over there so it's worth checking out what they have.

    Another great community made specifically for James related fic (predominantly slash, although gen is also welcome) is Stag Night. You should know that it's friend locked, so you'll have to have an LJ account and join the community before you can see the fic. That shouldn't be too hard, whether or not you've already joined LJ. I guess it's also worth mentioning that the community mostly gets James/Sirius fics, so you may have to go digging to find the James/Remus goodness, but it is there, you can count on that.

    There's also the StagNight website, which I think may (I'm not sure) have fics not found on the LJ community. You need a password to read the fics rated NC-17, which I don't have or I'd give it to you, but the other stuff is perfectly readable and might be quite good.

    Xylodemon on LJ has a nice rec list that includes some James/Remus. It's organized by pairing so it's quite easy to navigate. Of the stories I've only read The Literal Game, which I pointed you to above, so you don't have my word for it (Not that my word is law or anything.), but Xylodemon writes good fics, so I'm sure she has good taste in fics too.

    And speaking of her fics, I believe she's written a few Remus/James herself. Here's the link to her master list, organized by fandom. It's not any further organized as far as I can tell, but it does say the pairings, warnings, summary, etc. for each fic.

    This might seem like stooping low to some people who don't like the website, but there's always to check out. Yeah, I'll admit the bad to good ratio is larger than most places there, but there's definitely some stuff worth checking out. Plus they have a pretty useful navigation system, what with the characters and all.

    And speaking of sites that use characters for navigation, also try Skyehawke. They allow people to select three characters so if you search for fics with just James and Remus as characters, most of them with have Sirius as the third, which I know isn't what you're looking for, but I think there might be a few that explore the James-Remus relationship. It's worth checking out, at least.

    And that's about it. I hope I've been at least a bit helpful and haven't been directing you to stuff you've already read or something. I know I read one other really good James/Remus, but I can't think of what it is at the moment.

    Bine: Please do NOT post offsite links. PM them if need be.

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