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Thread: Last full moon of seventh year

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    Last full moon of seventh year


    I'm wondering when the last full moon of Marauder' seventh year would be? I was erm, hoping that it was after the exams so that the Marauders can have one last monumental full moon hurrah, before they left, but I'm thinking if full moons are 14th or 15th then that wouldnt be possible?

    Also, what dates do they actually end the year? Exams are in July, right?

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    Akay, I have an overview of when exactly the full moons were during the Marauder's years at Hogwarts. If you want the entire document, you could PM me your email and I mail it to you. Otherwise, once I'm at home, I'll post the dates here.

    As for the exams, as far as I know, there are at least six to eight weeks of summer holidays which would cover all of July and August. So the exams would be in June.
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    Holidays start beginning of Jume. Harry mentions having 2 months holiday, so he leaves Hogwarts at the very beginning of July. (This is similar to the private school system in UK where they have 8 weeks holiday)

    OWLS and NEWTS look as if they are held separate and slightly earlier from the other exams - so you're looking at end May/beginning of June which fits with the UK education system.

    There's a full moon June 20th 1978 (a Tuesday). That should help them to ... celebrate.

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    This is 1978, right? Google gives me this:
    1978 May 22 13:18 Mon
    1978 Jun 20 20:32 Tue
    1978 Jul 20 03:06 Thu
    1978 Aug 18 10:15 Fri

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