Kedgeree is a dish of smoked fish and rice. It's usually a little bit spicy and might have sultanas in it. It is a lot less popular as a breakfast dish these days unless you're in a posh hotel. It isn't an everyday breakfast, but I guess it could be served at Hogwarts. It originated from India when the British were a colonial power. You wouldn't have a side of fruit with it; it's a meal in itself.

Fruits for breakfast - Grapefruit springs to mind. These days people often have Greek yoghurt and muesli which has dried fruit in it. Or a fruit salad of pears, prunes, apricots - often served with muesli.

These are all hotel type breakfasts. For an ordinary person, I'd stick to toast with butter, or a cooked breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes etc etc) or just a bowl of cereal.