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Odd question, and I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this..

In the RAF, how old would someone usually be when they are made Air Commodore, or alternatively Wing Commander? Also, when you have an officer rank in the RAF, when do you "retire" and do you get a pension?

I did check the RAF homepage too, and they give some good information, but they don't have everything that I need...
Can't help you with the first part, but with retirement ages, alot of people seem to leave the military around the age of 50, and go on to work in civillian life. (I've just had a training day with an ex-army officer today!) And yes, they do get a military pension. Not sure how much though, and would only get paid once you reached retirement age, so if you leave at 50, you won't start getting your military pension until you retire at 60/65.

I had a quick google and found hmforces website, which had some information, might be worth checking out?