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Also, I really don't think Corybantes are what you're looking for, at least not if they're to have any resemblance at all to their mythological forms. They really aren't little cupids who'd be likely to do a mortal's bidding -- they're divine beings in their own right who attend upon gods, and tend to be involved in orgies and the like.
OOOH, thank you for that. When I researched them and discovered they'd been created by Zeus to protect Dionysus, (Bacchus) I thought about these Corybantes being descendents of the original ones. You mentioning that they're involved in orgies kinda suits my story, because my male MC is all for pleasures of the flesh.

I just don't want a house-elf. I don't want the docile servant. The Corybante will be 'freer' as it were. But thank you so much for talking to your friend for me. Kuri, too, is of Italian descent and the Roman/Greek mythologies are so intertwined that I think her suggestion will work.

You Claws do seem to love your House elves, don't you?