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Thread: SPEW Introduction Thread

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    Name: Sarah the Fantastic
    Penname/Author's Page: TheCursedQuill
    House: Gryffindor!
    Why You're In SPEW: I had always seen SPEW and thought it looked challenging and fun, but never had the courage to join it myself. Then some lovely person, whom I have yet to find out, recruited me without my knowing! Jenny sent me the PM and I thought, "wow, my reviews are actually good enough!" yyyaay!
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Oh goodness. Holly Black is a great teen writer. I love Shakespeare. Maragret Atwood is really amazing. I really love Orwell's 1984 too!
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Baton twirl! And soon I will be working at the amusement park. Sounds fun, but it's a two hour commute!
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Erg. I've written two historical stories.. I really like the founders. As for OF stuff, romantic, fantasy, teen stuff haha.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Eep! I'll get back to this..
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Ron/Hermione OTP. The entire Weasley fam jam is my fav, minus Percy.
    Favourite Story You've Written: The Raven Within. So it's not finished, but I feel nothing I write can compare to the prologue I've written.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    *I have a giraffe named Jeff (a stuffed one.. did I amaze you for a second there?! haha)
    *I live in Canada! In an igloo
    *My one goal in life is to live in England and adopt an accent. Oh it'll happen.

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    Name: Meredith or Mere
    Penname/Author's Page: MerrryD
    House: Hufflepuff
    Why You're In SPEW: Because I couldn't live without it! Because it so much fun and because I absolutely love reviewing SO much, I can't even explain it. Just so much <33333333 for SPEW.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: hmmm. I love Dickens, Vonnegut, Austen, Conrad, Chopin, Capote, Stienbeck, and so many more. I poke around in some teen fiction. I enjoyed Jane Eyre, but wasn't so much a fan of Wuthering Heights. I'm currently reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Read, write, ride, yoga, bake, homework, study, talk, bounce around my house singing at the top of my lungs . . .
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: er. Dark/Angsty? Highly emotional? With plently of heartbreaking romance?
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: fg_weasley, lily_evans34, fantasium, GringottsVault711/TheVault, Vindictus Viridian despite the fact that they're all gone, jenny_b, Exquinox_Chick for those still around. Favorite stories . . . Talk Tonight by lily_evans34, Puppet Heart Strings by fg_weasley, He Made the Stars Fall by cor_leonis, The Curtain Call by Amelia_Bedila.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: JAMES/LILY. Sirius/Lily. Dean/Luna. Rose/Scorpius. Remus. Narcissa. Ron. Draco. Teddy. Andromeda. Regulus.
    Favourite Story You've Written: uhhh. I love and hate just about all my stories. >.> I guess Blood, Tears, and a Diamond, though it's not my best title.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:

    - I'm going abroad to INDIA for eleven months in a month!
    - I took my mother's English class this year.
    - I have an unheathly addiction to all things chocolate.


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    Ummm....I've never filled this out? Really?

    Name: Amanda
    Penname/Author's Page: ahattab33 on both
    House: Hufflepuff!
    Why You're In SPEW: I believe very much in the power of reviewing and how important it is to fanfiction, and writing in general. I love what SPEW stands for, and when I can, really enjoy taking the effort to leave reviews for those I know will appreciate them. Joining SPEW when I (thought) I finally had the time was a natural progression.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Melanie Rawn, David Eddings, Agatha Christie...I like fantasy, though it's been a very very long time since I've read something new. I mainly re-read old stuff over and over again, and that's only when I get the chance.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Ha, you mean besides work? *cough* Play video games! And watch movies, and generally hang out with the hubby and friends.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Hmm...I honestly have no idea.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: hestiajones (Becoming Rita, The Receding), inverarity (Alex Quick series, Hogwarts Houses Divided), little beloved (Denial), MagEd (the 7 Men/Woman series, and she generally writes some really great romance stuff that a sap like me likes), Weasley Mom (Scenes from Shell Cottage)...and there are others whom I would pretty much read anything they wrote and it would be excellent.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: I'm a die-hard canon girl...Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione...and I've recently taken a liking to Draco/Astoria. Though obviously, it's kind of a Draco/Astoria that I've created in my own little world, as there can be many interpretations of that.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Hmm...I will always have a special place for Moments, because it was the first story I just WROTE, without prompts or challenges, and it came very effortlessly. And I think it's the most popular one I have. But The Dawn is taking it over as my favorite.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:

    1) English was my least favorite subject in school.
    2) I consider my attendance at the Backstreet Boys concert five days ago to be one of the best nights of my life. LOL and yes I get out! *sigh see the banner I'm in love with Nick Carter* So maybe the random fact should be (even though I think everyone knows at this point) that I've been a crazy uber Backstreet Boys fan for like, 12 years now?
    3) I love red wine...even though red wine is supposed to contribute to migraines, which I am partial to.
    4) I live in FLORIDA! so we should plan an EPIC trip to Universal in the fall for the opening of the park. I'm just saying...


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    Amortentia x
    Name: Emma

    Penname/Author's Page: Amortentia x/Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak x

    House: Ravenclaw

    Why You're In SPEW: Because I have megalomaniac tendencies and I'm slowly infiltrating all parts of the boards... and I want to improve my reviewing skills. But that was obvious, wasn't it?

    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Jane Austen, Enid Blyton, Marian Keyes, Malorie Blackman, Oscar Wilde, Hans Christian Anderson, William Shakespeare and Roald Dahl.

    ~ The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stepehen Chbosky
    ~ Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo
    ~ Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Alborn
    ~ Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracey Chevalier
    ~ Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
    ~ A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon
    ~ The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon
    ~ About a Boy by Nick Hornby
    ~ The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne
    ~ Set in Stone by Linda Newbery
    ~ To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
    ~ The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein

    What You Do When You're Not Online: I drink tea, sleep, knock things, laze around, gossip with friends, procrastinate, eat, breathe, daydream, cook, don't clean, sing in the shower, don't exercise, chat, and watch DVDs.

    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Not finishing chaptered fics? I think I'm known for slash pairings, but generally for Beta-ing them, rather than writing them. Though I do have one

    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories:
    ~ Lavender Blue - A Gryffindor True by Equinox Chick
    ~ Rebel Stars by Mistletoe
    ~ Drowning, not Waving by Equinox Chick
    ~ My Secret, My Hell, My Burden by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor

    ~ Equinox Chick
    ~ Mistletoe
    ~ ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    ~ sorrow_of_severus

    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Severus, Hermione/Other Character, Oliver Wood/Cedric Diggory, Neville/Luna, Blaise Zabini/Lavender Brown and Weasley Brother/Other Character.

    Favourite Story You've Written: Oblivion. I'm eternally amazed at the wonderful reception it's got

    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1. I can't snap my fingers.
    2. I develop obsessions quite quickly - it's currently Grey's Anatomy.
    3. I have a habit of painting the nails on one hand, then forgetting about the other.


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    Name: Alyssa
    Penname/Author's Page: ron lover
    House: Gryffindor!
    Why You're In SPEW: Because this will give me motivation to improve my reviews. And it looks like an awesome place.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini and the Chronicals of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Sleep/nap (I nap when there isn't anything to do online ), soccer, bake.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: I either write d/a or romance, but in my romance nothing ever works out. I'd love to be know for the great slash that I'm going to write in the near future, but alas, that probably won't happen.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Anything by MagEd or hestiajones.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: James/Lily, Regulus/Lily, Sirius/Lily, Albus/Scorpius, and Scorpius/Rose. My favorite characters are Regulus, Scorpius, and Albus.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Love Reign O'er Me
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1. I've been a vegitarian for 13 days I think. Some number around there.
    2. I love going to concerts more than anything in the world.
    3. I think I'm going to enter a cake into a competition. Hopefully.
    ily Andi, Lise, Ronnie, and Becca.

    Banner by Bine/Luinrina. Lise/Annalise made my fun-to-look-at avvie. I've been ghosted!

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    Name: Hannah
    Penname/Author's Page: h_vic
    Why You're In SPEW: Because SPEW is awesome of course, and because I think good quality, constructive reviews are a wonderful thing.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Wide and varied, but I guess my absolute favourites would include: Rebecca, Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Shadow of the Wind, The Time Traveller's Wife and A Room with a View.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Work (I'm a lawyer), yoga, horseriding, cooking.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Bittersweet stories, Severus and rarepairs, I suppose.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: My absolute favourite story on the site is Vindictus Viridian's In the Eyes of Others.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: I think that Severus is by far the most interesting character in the series, and I really like minor characters like: Lavender, Katie, Pansy, Narcissa, Oliver, Charlie, Percy and the Ravenclaws. Pairing-wise, I love rarepairs (the rarer the better generally), and I have a particular fondness for Severus/Lily, Severus/Narcissa, Katie/Oliver and Katie/Charlie, amongst many, many others.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Offerings in the Darkness was the first of my stories that I was ever really proud of, but these days, A Fitting Memorial and The Day Before are probably the best of what I've written.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    - I like fast cars far too much.
    - I have an addiction to shoes (especially stilettos)
    - I've spent the past four years, since I finished uni, living in London, and can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else now.

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    Name: Elene
    Penname/Author's Page: CoolCatElly
    House: Hufflepuff!!
    Why You're In SPEW: I think that as a SPEW member, apart from the great community and fun on the forums, you can expose yourself to a greater range of fanfictions and go into then in greater detail, sharing your thoughts with the author. One of my main philosophies in life has always been that the more you read the better you write. I apply this to my OF as well as to FF. When you review someone’s fic, you yourself start to learn what makes a piece of literature good and interesting, and you also become more aware of common mistakes authors make.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Books by: Scott Westerfeld, Sophie Kinsella, Suzanne Collins, LJ Smith, Stepehenie Meyer, Jodi Picoult, Philippa Gregory, Francine Rivers
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Play guitar, hang out with friends, read, gym and travel as much as possible, since I'm on a Gap Year at the moment.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For:
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Misdemeanour1331 (Mel!) and the Resilient. Thats the only one I actively follow at the moment, but I read and like a bit of everything really.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Dramione is my OTP, I also like Marauder pairings.
    Favourite Story You've Written: My one-shot is being Betad and will hopefully be submitted soon - I'm more of a Beta and reader than a writer though
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1)I've lived in 4 continents in 5 years
    2)I write to-do notes in eyeliner on my bathroom mirror
    3)I watch just about every tv series there is :-P

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    Name: Vorona
    Penname/Author's Page: Also Vorona
    Why You're In SPEW: Well, SPEWers aren't the only ones who do long, quality reviews on MNFF, but I think they're the reason why -- I returned here, as opposed to other sites where I was publishing fan fiction, because the reviews I had on my stories here were so amazing. I wanted to return the favor, but I'm not always great at remembering, so I thought SPEW would be the perfect way to give back to the community!
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: I absolutely adore the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. My favorite novel of all time is Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, although I haven't read much of his thriller/spy stuff.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Read, write, study, yoga, bellydance, cook. I go through various obsessions (right now, it's Snape fan fiction!), so I've also spent time making costumes and playing chess.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Stories about Snape, which do usually tend to end up dark/angsty. I have one non-D/A story, which is a Snape/Hermione missing moment (NOT romance): The Logic Problem, and I have one Percy story, which is D/A: The Prodigal Son. I've written all the stories that are up on MNFF before Book 7 came out, so until my long WIP is published, that's what I've got.

    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: I'll echo Hannah here by saying that my all-time favorite is Vindictus Viridian's In the Eyes of Others. I also really like Gmariam's work and that of Laura/Insecurity/TyrannoLaurus, particularly Lacrima Serpentis.

    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Snape, of course. As for pairings, I like a good Snape/Hermione, but I also like single!Snape.
    Favourite Story You've Written: It's not my best story, but my favorite is by far my gauntlet entry: The Labyrinth of Lost Souls. The story I think is my best is probably Loyaulte me lie.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1. I've won NaNo every year since 2005, and as a result, I have 5 completed novel-length works, of which one is a fan fiction story.
    2. I want to be an English teacher, so I'm back at school to get my certificate; I'm 33 years old, but I feel like a college student, in terms of age.
    3. I have no talent for brevity or common sense.

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    With Teddy <3
    Name: Ariana
    Penname/Author's Page: lucca4/nonexistant :P
    House: Gryffindor!
    Why You're In SPEW: To improve my reviews. I love being able to help people improve their writing and give them feedback--mostly because I love when people do that for me! But, my reviews are a little lacking because there are probably a lot of things I don't point out that I should point out. I'm hoping SPEW will help me with that . And I also joined because 007 looks amazing.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Sherlock Holmes (all of them, that I've read) My Sister's Keeper, The Mortal Instruments series, The Hunger Games series.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: SWIM, read, write, photography.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For:None, at the moment .
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: I LOVE Lions of Gryffindor
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: James/Lily
    Favourite Story You've Written: I don't have any up yet . Probably the one Elene is betaing.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1. My parents are both doctors, I love House (the T.V. series) so, so much--but I never ever want to be a doctor. EVER.
    2. I lived in Arizona for eight years, and as a result I love HOT HOT weather (and I get cold really easily).
    3. I have an obsession with highlighters. Colored highlighters.

    xx Ariana xx

    Thank you to Hokey for the beautiful banner. And thank you to everyone who nominated and judged --I'm so grateful to you <3.

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    Name: Dinny

    Penname/Author's Page: Evora

    House: Gryffinrawr!

    Why You're In SPEW: Simply leaving a nice, thorough review makes one's day brighter than the sunshine! (at least from my experience as both an author and reviewer)

    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material:
    -The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis
    -The Golden Compass Trilogy by dude-I'm-sorry-I-forgot
    -The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray
    -The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

    What You Do When You're Not Online: Being Crazy.

    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Eh, D/A?

    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories:
    -An Aversion to Change by misdemeanor1331
    -Too Sweet To Remember by Canadian Confessional
    -Love Reign O'er Me by ron lover
    -Someone To Watch Over Me by MagEd
    -When Worlds Die by MagEd

    Authors: MagEd, Kerichi, ron lover, lucca4.

    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Draco, Astoria, Scorpius, Blaise, Neville.

    Favourite Story You've Written: None

    Three Random Things About Yourself:

    -For some unknown reason, it's very hard for me to gain weight though I eat a lot.
    -I have a deep love for Astronomy and Astrophysics.
    -I want to be an Astronaut more than anything but I'm studying to be EnvE.

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