Since our old introduction thread was getting terribly outdated, I thought a new one was in order. A large number of the introductions in the previous thread were by people who have left, and a lot were probably outdated anyway. The old thread is still in the archives, though, if you'd like to read it. The form is still the same one, but I'm sure our older members will have different things to put in it now.

HTML Code:
[b]Penname/Author's Page:[/b]
[b]Why You're In SPEW:[/b]
[b]Favourite Non-HP Reading Material:[/b]
[b]What You Do When You're Not Online:[/b]
[b]What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For:[/b]
[b]Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories:[/b]
[b]Favourite Pairings/Characters:[/b]
[b]Favourite Story You've Written:[/b]
[b]Three Random Things About Yourself:[/b]
Off you go!