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Thread: Floo Stops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karaley Dargen
    I think the post referred to the regulations bit. We do know that Portkeys require Ministry authorisation because Fudge almost imploded when Dumbledore just created one.
    Yes, that's what I was thinking about. There is a Portkey Office at the Ministry, and we know that Portkeys have to be registered. I've always had the impression that they were strictly regulated.


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    Alright, Floo stops are supposed to be heavily regulated, but do you think there is any trace on the charm to make Floos like there is on underage magic? Could such a spell even be possible? They can cast spells on individual children, but they couldn't possibly cast that sort of spell on every fireplace or burning canister in the world.

    And just how hard do you think it is to create a Floo stop? I know a Port Key is difficult, but what about Floo stops?

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