Thanks for the reviews, girls! -squishes-

Starting with Paige's general question about second person.

I don't really remember when I started writing in second person. I saw some other authors who had used it, most notably Noldo, and I thought, "Now, that's different." When I first began writing, I didn't have much of a personal style, and discovering second person was, in a lot of ways, the start of my development of my own style. I tried it out a lot because I thought it was interesting. I feel like you're always told not to write in second person, but that's ridiculous. Second person has a real place in fiction. It isn't always the best choice, but I think sometimes it's exactly the way a story is meant to be told.

I want to say that "nowadays" second person is much more common. I don't know how accurate that is, but it seems like I run across a lot more fics in second person these days than I did when I first started using it. This could just be because I'm more aware of it now, but I do think it's lost a bit of its novelty, if you will. However, the increase in quantity doesn't necessarily mean an increase in quality, and I think a lot of people are trying second person out without quite grasping it, or they're using it in fics that might be better in good ol' third person or even first person. Of course, I'm not an authority, that's just my opinion. For me, second person is a way to even more fully explore a character. It's like first person in some ways -- it really gets inside a character's mind -- but it's also more than that. It's more than just substituting 'I' with 'you.' There's a fine line between self-insertion and identifying with a character, and I think second person is that line. Hopefully the reader identifies with the character I'm writing, but not so much that it seems like I'm writing myself into my own fanon.

Second person lends itself well to narration. It's a limited perspective, but it's less straight-forward, I think, than first person. It's an in-between, really. I like in-betweens. >.>

Questions from Katty now!

How did you come up with the dancing metaphor for the story? Also, what sparked your interest in writing about Narcissa?

Honestly? I don't remember. >.< I wrote that story quite a while ago, and the process it went through is apparently not something that stuck. I think I started with the idea of 'just a little longer' and went from there. Somehow I thought dance fit well with Narcissa, who seems the ever-graceful but slightly repressed. I liked the idea of her taking dance lessons even though a pureblood family like the Blacks would probably not have permitted her to take lessons in anything from Muggles. And I also liked the image of Narcissa and Lucius dancing. Just something about it, you know?

I first wrote about Narcissa in Fallen Petals of an Ambiguous Flower, which I don't really recommend reading now (to be frank, I wouldn't recommend Just A Little Longer either, but I like to think there's something for everybody on my author's page!). I was interested in the relationship between Narcissa and Lucius, which we only get glimpses of in the books. I just wanted to explore what their story was, you know?