The January Challenge is now over and points will be totalled and posted in due course (once I can get through all the reviews!

For the February Challenge, we’re returning to an old Fiction Junction favourite – the I Challenge Thee.

For those unfamiliar, this is a one-shot challenge, in which your prompt is set by another member of the forums. The first person to post (me) sets a challenge and the next person to post claims that challenge and posts another one for the next poster and so on.

Rules (Please read carefully before taking part)

1. When you post a challenge you should also provide an alternate. If twenty-four hours goes by and no one has claimed the main challenge, people may instead claim the alternate if they prefer (though the main challenge remains up for grabs).

2. You may enter as many times as you wish, but you must have completed your previous challenge and have it submitted to the queue before claiming another one.

3. You may repost a previous challenge of yours. For example, if in your first post, you set the prompt of either a Neville/Luna or a Harry/Ginny and it was the Harry Ginny that was claimed, on your next turn, Neville/Luna can be one of your two options again.

4. You have to claim the challenge of the person to post before you. You cannot claim unanswered challenges from earlier in the thread.

5. Challenges can be as open or specific as you wish. It is better to at least give the author something to work with, but try not to tie them down to too many details.

6. The Challenge claim thread will be left open until the 28th February. After this date, no more challenges can be set or claimed but you will have a further two weeks to finish outstanding challenges and submit them to the queue. All entries must be in the queue by midnight GMT on the 14th March.

7. This is a one-shot challenge only. You cannot enter drabbles, poetry or chaptered fics. If the entry is the first chapter of a chaptered story, it must also be able to stand alone.

8. There will be five participation points available per entry. The winner, second and third place will then receive an additional 30, 20 and 10 points each.

9. If you have any questions, please PM them to me – this thread should only be used for challenges. A separate thread will be provided for links to entries.

10. Entries should be submitted to the relevant category on the archives. In the summar please include somethign along the lines of: This is [username] of [house] writing for the Fiction Junction I Challenge Thee Challenge. My prompt was [prompt] and set by [username]. If your forum and archive usernames are different please use the forum one in this part.
My Challenge is:

Write an AU one-shot which gives a glimpse into what the wizarding world could have been like had Voldemort been the one to defeat Harry in the Battle of Hogwarts rather than the other way round.


Write a Next Gen story involving Teddy/Victoire. They don't have to be the main focus but should feature somewhere in it. Other characters, plot etc is up to you.

Have fun!