I suppose these are more about what a wizarding Chinese society would look like than specific questions on Chinese culture but I wasn't sure where else to put this thread.

1) I imagine Chinese wizarding culture to be really conservative. After the collapse of the Qing dynasty (maybe even the Ming dynasty if they're ultra reactionary conservatives), they went into a complete shut down mode and didn't let in any Muggle-born students. I think it would make sense that during the chaos of World War II, the invading Japanese, the Communist Revolution, the Cultural Revolution, that wizards would try to stay out of it and wouldn't invite Muggle students. Could they even find Muggle students? (oh dear, plot bunny of a Red Guard invited to magic school) What does everyone else think?

2) How many schools would they have? At 1 school (Hogwarts) for every 60 million people (approximate population of Great Britain), there would 20 schools of Hogwarts's size... and that's just mainland China. I would guess that wizarding China would still include Taiwan. I also don't know if the numbers I looked up for the population of China includes Hong Kong. I don't want to get political, I just don't know why wizarding boundaries would necessarily follow Muggle ones.

2b) Would they need as many schools if they're a strictly pure-blood population? Then again, Voldemort supposedly killed off a bunch of pure-blood families who refused to follow him, so maybe there would be more pure-bloods in China?

2c) Would they even Have schools? In dynastic China, traditionally, there was one school in the south (from what I remember from my Chinese history class). The school was created to try and balance out the population of civil servants, since wanna be civil servants were the only people who were educated and more of the civil servants were coming from the north/Beijing area. Everyone else either had private tutors or studied on their own.

3) What would the reaction of Muggle parents be to their child getting a letter to magic school? With only one child, they're much more important. Would this be a great opportunity or a panic and freak out kind of moment? Obviously this would depend on the gender of the child and if they're already enrolled in some kind of special program but what would be some general reactions?

Just some food for thought.

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