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Thread: AUSTRALIAN Culture and Language Help - II

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    AUSTRALIAN Culture and Language Help - II

    I'm starting a new Australian Culture Thread, as I still have many more questions I need answered in order to tell a good story.

    I will start with the last question posted on the thread. Who are some famous Australian child actresses? Ones with really good Australian accents.

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    It would depend on when your fic is set. About six or seven years ago, there was a show called The Sleepover Club, which was about like, five or six Australian girls who were in primary school. But they're all grown up now, I think.

    There's this other show that's fairly recent, called Mortified! The girl is eleven, and she's pretty Australian, I think. And that's really all I can think of...I hope it helps!

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    Oh, I have been watching plenty of episodes of The Sleepover Club. Sat through twenty episodes; I think it's scarred me for life.

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    I feel so sorry for's on right now, and it's pretty terrifying.

    I've been trying to think of others, but there don't seem to be many little Australian kids...there's a show called Blue Water High, but they're like, fifteen, which is probably too old. There might be some little kids on Neighbours or Home and Away...

    Good luck, though...

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    I'm not Australian but I'm from across the ditch so close enough. Lol.

    I would suggest watching episodes of 'Home and Away' since I know they're all on Youtube and they have a wide-range age-wise of actors. I haven't watched it in about a year but I remember there were some youngish children on there.

    Also when I was a tween I used to read an Australian magazine called 'Dolly' so you could have a look around their website. There is also another one for younger girls which I think is called 'Total Girl' or something along those lines. They might scar you further though so beware!

    Hope this helps!

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    More questions still. What games did your primary school teachers used to play with class when they needed to kill some time or just needed a few moments to themselves? I remember a few very popular games were Heads-up 7-up and Simon Says.

    Are these games played in Australia, or are there some other classroom games that are very common?

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