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Thread: Replacement for Cell Phone in Wizard World

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    using rare and complicated words
    Quote Originally Posted by Kara
    But then there is magic ink too. In CoS Harry tries to do a lot of things to make the ink on the pages of Riddle's diary visible, so we have to assume that there are just as many ways of making the ink invisible after the message has been read too. Also when Harry writes on the book, the ink vanishes... right? Or do you think that's just because the diary was a Horcrux? hmm...
    There's always the Marauders' Map. That 'spoke' to Snape didn't it. I think communicating via parchment is very feasible.


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    There are spell checking quills and various other enchantments placed on quills. A dictation quill, Rita’s “gutter journalism” translator and Umbridges punishment quill.

    Nasty though it is; the punishment quill inscribes words remote from the position where quill meets parchment (to the back of the holder’s hand).

    I think that it would be possible to use something like this for remote writing. I type something here and you can read it on screen in front of you. Ooops, I mean I write something here, and you can read it on the piece of parchment in from of you. That’s almost an e-mail – message board system if you combine it with the protean charm.


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    In DH, the Order used Patroni (the sphinx at the wedding) and I think the owl system worked rather like e-mail and was quite efficient, or those flying memos. When you consider things got intercepted, and there are always problems with technology, so I'm not saying things don't happen to cause problems. Really, and I believe another person said this, I think the Wizarding World would have stayed stagnant at a cutural lag because they wouldn't need these updates to 'better society'. You have all the answers you need.

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