I know there are only a few days left, but I want to get going straight away with the first Fiction Junction Monthly Challenge.

This month, you can earn some easy points. As you can see, I've reposted all the Recommend a _____ Fiction threads, but now they're looking kind of empty and need a bit of a boost. So for this month, and this month only, every post you make in one of the recommendation threads will earn two points, in addition to the three points available for a review (see the revamp thread if you're confused about that!), which means for every post you make in these threads between now and the end of January (midnight GMT on the 31st) you could earn up to five points. There are no limits to how many posts you can make and how many points you can earn. The Spring point totals are currently zero across the board, so let's get some points in there, and see who can take an early lead! After the end of January, a post in the recommendation thread won't earn you points, but reviews will continue to (and there will be another challenge in here as well)

Please make only one post in this thread, and link all posts you make in the recommendation threads in it, so I can find them. If you forget to link a post in here, I may not see it and you won't earn points so please don't forget!

PM with any questions